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Freya Wilcox & the Howl unleashes raw blues-punk goodness on new LP "Tooth & Nail"

Freya Wilcox & the Howl unleashes raw blues-punk goodness on new LP "Tooth & Nail"

Though there’s certain things that are maybe better left in Australia (sharks, poisonous snakes, spiders the size of your face, for starters) Freya Wilcox, frontwoman for the blues-punk trio Freya Wilcox and the Howl is a decidedly welcome import who (probably) won't shoot venom into your eyes. The New York-via-land-down-under singer and guitarist creates music that's brazen, barefaced, gritty, and unapologetically catchy. The band's latest release, Tooth & Nail features the group's signature powerful, raspy vocals, and blistering guitar riffs, but explores a down-and-dirty look at love, loss, and whatever is supposed to come next. Check out "Nothing" off the new album streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni

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