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Bronze Float brings surreal alt folk to Alphaville tonight (08.02)

Bronze Float brings surreal alt folk to Alphaville tonight (08.02)

"Standard Final Candle," the title of the most recent release by Bronze Float, makes as much sense as the nonsensical band name. Amusingly, similar random lines are recurrent in all the music released by this Brooklyn-based group. Frontman and songwriter David Brant writes in a way that is both simple and startingly sad, but with a lyrical undertone that's borderline Dada. On his two track 2012 EP "Drink the Rain" he sings: "I'm thinking of an icicle, because it melts, it will only melt and fall onto the ground," accompanied by rough, distant guitars, with a voice that's as sweet as Fraternal Twin and as honest as Arthur Russell, which furtherly complicates the mix of triggered emotions. "Standard Final Candle" is a strange, lonely listening experience, in the best way possible. See them live with Yours Are The Only Ears and Amy O at Sunnyvale tonight (August 2nd). -Allie Miller

Published: August 02, 2017 |

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