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A Deli Premiere: Oh Malô release ambient alt-rock “Young Orchard” EP

A Deli Premiere: Oh Malô release ambient alt-rock “Young Orchard” EP

Beginning with the stream of bubbling, delayed guitar that opens “Don’t Look, Don’t Stare” it’s immediately clear that Oh Malô has a taste for ambience. Complete with generously textural guitar work—ranging from endlessly looped arpeggios to atmospheric swells—and an airy vocal delivery, the band’s follow-up to its 2016 debut LP aims for expansive, spacious compositions. At the same time, Oh Malô plays with a bright and, at times, almost lilting feel that keeps the group’s post-rock tendencies in a clear frame of reference. Fans of other experimental-leaning alt-rock acts will feel right at home with “Young Orchard” as vocal harmonies and syncopated drums abound. “Young Orchard” is out May 4, but you can stream it in advance of its release below. Don't miss the band's release party at Elsewhere on May 8th– Cameron Carr

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