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Record of the Month: Forth Wanderers - Self-titled

Record of the Month: Forth Wanderers - Self-titled

Forth Wanderers' new self-titled album, their Sub Pop debut, is symphonic and rollicking. The band's songwriting duo - Ben Guterl on guitar and Ava Trilling penning lyrics - are perpetually in sync, despite often writing at a physical distance. The five-piece band's members are rarely in the same place at once (they're all college students in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Ohio, respectively). Despite this, their chemistry and synchronization as a band is abundantly evident on this release. "Forth Wanderers" is a triumph, bursting with angst and dissonance while maintaining an innate pop appeal. This album has something for just about everyone who has an ear for good songs - it's bright and jangly at times, distorted and gnashing at others, and it always has something to say. Stream "Not For Me" below! - Ethan Ames

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