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Kamilah releases “On My Mind”

Kamilah releases “On My Mind”

“On My Mind” is a song best listened to with the lights off. Kamilah’s voice reaches out to touch you in the dark like a lover’s hand grazes a cheek. The song is full of subtle guitar licks and rhythmic anomalies that make it incredibly sensual- at times I wondered if it was right to listen to it on the train. Unexpectedly, however, “On My Mind” builds from a simple kick and clap rhythm into an RnB-featuring-Rock’n’Roll type jam. The outro, a hefty conclusion punctuated by some pretty crazy distorted vocals and a percussive breaking point, might make you want to stop whatever you’re doing to get up and dance. Whatever this song makes you feel, I urge you not to walk but run in that direction. -Geena Kloeppel


Published: July 05, 2018 |

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