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Darkwing plunge into relationship anxiety + play at Alphaville on 07.28

Darkwing plunge into relationship anxiety + play at Alphaville on 07.28

The crux of horror-punk’s ability to be taken seriously is that it takes menacing imagery that may have lost its potency and makes it sound horrifying and threatening - without altering the B-movie inspiration. Darkwing seems to have learned this important lesson on their latest single “Ignorant Ghost”, an anxious and ethereal grunge anthem. Vocals slathered in echo drone on about a relationship souring as pummeling drums implode. Leather jackets and smoking weed in bed are more in tune with stoner rock ideals, but the imagery of ghosting--ditching a relationship without a response and transforming into a literal specter--is amusing at first and haunting after repeated listens. The distressed energy of the songs is stretched ad infinitum during the instrumental bridge, where the guitar and bass interplay between Sharif Mekawy and Richard Rodgers feels like industrial machinery reaching its breaking point. Darkwing’s take on relationship death could have quickly become a joke song with a title like “Ignorant Ghost”, but it’s the atmosphere and sounds the band crafts surrounding these motifs that make it a unique blend of horror punk and grunge angst. You can stream the single below and catch the band playing at Alphaville on July 28. -Tucker Pennington

Published: July 25, 2018 |

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