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White Rope celebrates new LP "NO FUNERAL" At Alphaville 01.31

White Rope celebrates new LP "NO FUNERAL" At Alphaville 01.31

Once upon a time, Morrissey sang “life is very long when you’re lonely,” and since then musicians from all walks of life in the world have scrambled to find similar catharsis in solitude and sadness. Brooklyn garage-punk band White Rope, echo that very lyric in their 2015 track "The Pain Olympics", but to a different end. The title of the track itself seems to parody the fervor with which a lot of artists mine their personal trials and traumas for lyrical content, but with a sense of humor (I mean, they do replace “lonely” with “horny”…). White Rope channels vulnerability in their own way, not shying away from real pain but also recognizing how goofy it can feel to put all that out there. White Rope celebrated the release of their new album NO FUNERAL (streaming) at Alphaville on January 31st, their next show is at Ceremony224 on April 2nd. - Sunny Betz 

Published: February 04, 2019 |

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