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Maybird's Colorful Visions on Their Debut, Things I Remember From Earth

Maybird's Colorful Visions on Their Debut, Things I Remember From Earth

Maybird's musical vision is made for a future that relies on pulling from the past. Toy-sounding synthesizers, acoustic guitars plus distorted and processed guitars, and the chorus-like harmonies that make their music sound a bit like it's from a retro movie give the band cinematic flair. The band has a taste for writing truisms, and perhaps their nostalgic sound adds to the emphasis. The story behind their debut album, Things I Remember From Earth cuts to the core of the human experience in terms of what people are searching for and come to find self-evident. The journey to writing the album comes from Kurt Vonnegut's The Sirens of Titan as a crucial source for inspiration. The philosophical themes surely inform the thoughtful hooks, which sometimes admonish looking too far into the future. 

A key influence behind Maybird is the reputable rock band Dangermouse, who helped them release the EP Turning into Water after discovering them in 2016. The four-song EP Unraveling followed soon after in 2017 with the help of producer Patrick Carney of The Black Keys. The clash and eventual concoction of these experiences resulted in the songs on their debut, all of which are tinged with the right amount of apathy that ultimately makes their music so cool.


Susan Moon

Published: July 31, 2019 |

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