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NYC bands to fall in love with: Lawrence and Leigh

NYC bands to fall in love with: Lawrence and Leigh

Meet the strange and wonderful Lawrence and Leigh. When I first saw photos of this group, I thought.. "...another Brooklyn folk duo." 30 seconds into "Glow", these preconceptions were immediately abandoned. One thing they're not is a typical folk duo. Whatever magic these two share together as singer-songwriters is matched equally by an intense interest in studio trickery. Complimenting their soaring harmonies with collage effects bordering on musique concrete, Lawrence and Leigh's sound is brimming with ideas that keep obvious categorizations at bay. The music of Andrew Kalleen and Kristin Stokes seems to reinvent itself after every listen, so be prepared to spend some time with these tracks as they move from bare acoustic arrangements to electronic 4-on-floor grooves and back again in epic and rewarding proportions. Head on over to their myspace where you can stream all tracks from their newly released 6 song EP Odyssey Vol. III: Hills and Masts. No, you didn't miss anything... they have decided to release the third volume of this odyssey before releasing the first two. That's just something these arty musicians are into. See them at SXSW at Revolution Bar on 03.17 - Mike Levine (@goldnuggets)


Published: March 10, 2011 |

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