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April 2016
Ghost King

Hailing from The Bronx and led by Spires' drummer Carter McNeil, Ghost King plays muddy fuzz rock brightened by unexpected chord changes, psychedelic overtones, and a '90s rock inspired lo-fi production that blends the fun attitude of Violent Femmes, the stellar songwriting of The Pixies and the slacking tendencies of Pavement. Early psych rock influences emerge here and there in their debut album 'Bones' (check out the rather Barretesque 'Bones pt. 1,' or the chorus explosion of 'When the Sky Turns blue' - streaming below), enriching the sonic palette in ways rarely accomplished, in a single record, without it sounding... all over the place. But beyond the familiar and beloved references to the past, what makes this album great is its consistently brilliant songwriting, and the band's habit of taking the listener in and out of unexpected places, like for example with the dissonant riffs of 'Skeleton Dance' 's intro, which slowly morphs into a perfectly consonant verse, or through the bizarre development of ''Til You Belong to Me' or 'Bones pt. 2.'  

The 60's

Band of Gypsys

Bob Dylan

Bruce Haack

The Fugs

The Godz

Holy Modal Rounders

Velvet Underground
The 70's
Patti Smith
The New York Dolls

The Ramones

The Talking Heads
Richard Hell
The Dead Boys
Lydia Lunch
The Contortions  
The 80's
Afrika Bambaataa
Arto Lindsay
Bad Brains
Beastie Boys
Bruce Springsteen
The Feelies
The Fleshtones
Grandmaster Melle Mel
John Zorn
Laurie Anderson
Public Enemy
Run D.M.C.
Sonic Youth
They Might Be Giants
The 90's
A Tribe Called Quest
Cat Power

Jeff Buckley

The Magnetic Fields
The Notorious B.I.G.
Soul Coughing
Yo La Tengo
The 00's
The Strokes
TV on The Radio
Fiery Furnaces
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Bravery
Animal Collective
Bright Eyes
Devendra Banhart
Moldy Peaches
Le Tigre
Blonde Redhead
Grizzly Bear

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scene blog

The Deli's NYC B.E.A.F. (Best of Emerging Artists Fest) 2011 - 5 nights, 5 W'Burg Venues, 44 NYC Bands!

The Deli's NYC B.E.A.F. (Best of Emerging Artists Fest) 2011 - 5 nights, 5 W'Burg Venues, 44 NYC Bands!

NYCers into real new music,

What in 2009-10 was called "Best of NYC Fest" is now "The Deli's NYC B.E.A.F." - as in Best of Emerging Artists Fest. Isn't that a perfect acronym for a Deli festival?

The use of the word "Best" is not entirely arbitrary in this case. Most of the artists playing the fest were included in our latest Year End Best of NYC List, compiled polling la crème de la crème of the NYC music industry, including many local venue promoters, bloggers, music journalists and radio DJs.

Hitting Brooklyn for the third year running, this can only be described as the most underground and cross-genre showcase of NYC’s new talent. To make things even more exciting, The Deli's NYC B.E.A.F. 2011 will be promoted starting next week through the Spring 2011 issue of The Deli, which will be exclusively dedicated to the 106 artists in the Best of NYC 2010 list.

Full schedule with links can be found here!

The Deli's B.E.A.F. is sponsored by BMI in collaboration with PreSonus and The Musebox

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