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NYC Artists on the rise: Clare Burson lands residency at Rockwood

NYC Artists on the rise: Clare Burson lands residency at Rockwood

Clare Burson plays simple, twangy ballads that subtly reinvent Americana, standing clear of sterile country cliches, and instilling in the genre a powerful dose of melancholy. So powerful that the song "Goodbye My Love" (embedded here) may prove to be a dangerous listening experience on a rainy day like this... But, unlike many other pop-obsessed blogs out there, The Deli is - and always will be - proud to celebrate the beauty of sophisticated sad music (our recent Lia Ices cover can testify that once for all). Clare's melodies are supported by her gentle alto, at times reminiscent of an early Joni Mitchell with a slight lower register. Clare is currently playing a residency at Rockwood Music Hall (see her there on May 25 and 29th.)



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