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Experimental NYC: Joey Molinaro @ Lit Lounge (09.26) and Don Pedro's (09.29)

Experimental NYC: Joey Molinaro @ Lit Lounge (09.26) and Don Pedro's (09.29)

We’re live from Joe Franklin’s office where there’s nowhere to sit because the office is rupturing.  I’m invited to partake in some boxed wine.  There’s 4 of us here with instruments and we don’t know each other apart from Jeff Young. We improvise, a woman from the Times Square Observer says we’d be perfect for the Upright Citizens Brigade.  Nervously, the Japanese businessman starts singing There's a Hero.  A Pimp and his Ho drop by unexpected and record a segment about a boa constrictor vomiting pinkies.  Joe Franklin falls asleep.  A mystery man interrupts with anecdotes about pastrami. I got this video out of it.  I also met Joey Molinaro.  

Joey plays acoustic grindcore violin with foot percussion.  At this point history fails to account for the modern ways of attraction.  Basically, I can’t imagine anyone not liking this. In the grindcore violin world, Shamans frequent hardcore shows.  Classical nerds don’t realize their punch is spiked with rotgut til they’re moshing and have lost their reeds. Perhaps the most beautiful part of this thrash violin business though - it creates new potential for dissonance.  Just when you thought sonority collapsed into a single drone loud enough to annihilate any thought you had as a child - low and behold, this Joey fellow appears and plays a single chord, 3 or 4 notes that clash like a mole-parrot.
Transfixed, you remember the simple delight of placing things together, forgetting you've forgotten you are more than the nullification of all noise. - Valerie Kuhene


Published: September 07, 2011 |

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