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NYC Shoegaze: Farewell Republic announces debut “Burn the Boats” in January

NYC Shoegaze: Farewell Republic announces debut “Burn the Boats” in January

Shredded bee-buzz guitars sawing between two chords is how Farewell Republic introduces “Wake” – the lead song off of their impending album “Burn the Boats.” The blended mixture of fluid drumming and layered guitars points to My Bloody Valentine as spiritual ancestors. The vocals come off a bit clearer than in Mr. Shield band's celebrated records - but there are similarities too: for instance the way background voices blur into icy guitar textures. A clever inclusion of backward-tape-looping tacked on the end suggests there may be more studio manipulation to this than initially realized. “Gliss” opens with a punkier feel (sneered Lydonesque vocal delivery, rough guitars and loose drumming) – but this edge is soon lost on the first chorus change. This alternating structure repeats, with the more tense passages sonically enhanced by sharp speedy guitar strumming and sprinkled with piano notes. “Just go away,” becomes the dominant repeated vocal phrase as the song is carried out via a simple piano line, ambient long-note guitar work and clacketty percussion. “Come Irene” is sparse, slower moving electronica. Deeper washes of background pads twist in unexpected ways, as vocals are delivered in a controlled manner. Acoustic guitar emerges in the mix to add a bit more warmth. “Burn the Boats” is scheduled for release in January, 2012. You can preorder the album on their bandcamp page. Additionally, there are two free download tracks to be had there. - Dave Cromwell

Published: September 20, 2011 |

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