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Deathrow Tull play Sullivan Hall on Friday, October 21

Deathrow Tull play Sullivan Hall on Friday, October 21

Deathrow Tull was supposed to take the stage by midnight. Obviously they were on MCT (that's emcee time). At about half past 12, the three rappers of Deathrow joined their band onstage and the party began in earnest. Names may have changed, as brokeMC is now Stephen Rawking and Dyalekt is going by W.M.D. DuBois, but the atmosphere remains the same. Wordplay flies over your head like projectiles, songs you know are mashed into hooks you couldn't imagine, and the live instrumentation keeps everything fresh and undeniably real. (Roll call: Endo Kalrissian on guitar, Every Part of the Buffalo on drums, The Keymaster on, you guess it, keyboards, and Mr. Dough providing the funky bass.) Temple Grindin, if I may say so, busts apart the boys' club that is the rest of her band. Like Ginger Rogers, she does everything Stephen and W.M.D. do, but backward (like singing hooks) and in heels (she was actually in heels). Towering above her accomplices, Grindin switches from a sweet mo-town croon to spitting harsh rhymes. The floor was shaking with bouncing bodies, and though it was technically Wednesday morning, it felt, like their song, like a "Friday Night." Speaking of Friday nights, catch Deathrow Tull at Sullivan Hall on Friday, October 21, 2011. They go on at midnight. Or sometime around there. -allison levin

Published: October 20, 2011 |

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