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A chilled wave of noise: Crinkles play Pianos on 12.01

A chilled wave of noise: Crinkles play Pianos on 12.01

Chill dronologists Crinkles have chosen to release their EP Italian Ice in the dead of winter 9one year ago).  Strangely enough, the EP channels neither summer nor winter, but rather the crisp air of early fall... where, if there were actually trees in my neighborhood, there would be crunchy (crinkly!) leaves upon which to tread. Influenced by Brian Jonestown Massacre and contemporary of Ducktails, Crinkles have a smooth, albeit unpolished approach to this mellow, lo-fi psych-pop genre commonly referred to as "chill wave". Their take on it is characterized by more complexity in the arrangement department and a (way) above the average attention to guitar sonics - this record features a rather impressive "vocabulary" of great sounding guitar tones. Vocals are raw with feeling, layered, but still thin, as if stretched to the breaking point by thought and emotion. See the band live on December first at Shea Stadium. Check their bandcamp for more details, and for digital download of the EP. -allison levin

Published: November 29, 2011 |

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