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December Album of the Month: Is and of The "Heads Phased For Dreamless Sleep"

December Album of the Month: Is and of The "Heads Phased For Dreamless Sleep"

Is and of The is the DC-based project of Drew Bandos, a Philly native, who's third installment of recordings/first official album, Heads Phased For Dreamless Sleep, soars to a new level of organic shoegaze blended with electronic bits and echoing whispers. Experimental may be an understatement as each of the 11 tracks have the ability to capture your subconscious attention and cause a drift into daydream world. Gorgeous.

"I Used to Swim in Seas Outside Of Me" is exactly how it sounds. An out of body experience in sound. "Interlude" blasts a deep drone over reversed strings, a sweet transition from one of the many standout's on the record "Sleepless Dream" where warbling keys bloom before Bandos bursts into a melancholic chorus. And "Litost" sneaks in a bit of trip hop, adding a welcomed groove to a haunting melody. Love.

The album is available now via Mush Records/iTunes/Amazon. -Dawn

Published: December 06, 2011 |

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