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NJ hard rockers The Parlor Mob return at Mercury on 12.10

NJ hard rockers The Parlor Mob return at Mercury on 12.10

Expect a guitar-solo-scorched face or two at the Mercury Lounge this Saturday night, as Jersey's hard rockers The Parlor Mob treat their New York City fans to a much needed return appearance. Currently touring in support of their sophomore album "Dogs," which was released this past October through Roadrunner Records, and anchored by the first single, "Into The Sun," this is a record without fillers. On that single, the lyrical subject matter combines both defiance and hope, while the muscularly heavy sound of the band leads you into a chorus that's as catchy as hell. "Fall Back" comes complete with brilliant start/stop breaks that underscore the fluid rhythm section. "Practice in Patience" shows the gentler side of the band, with emotionally strong vocals paired against an uncommon piano sound. "American Dream" chugs forward on heavy twin-tandem guitar riffing, as the lyrics express this current generations confusion about "who to trust" in the government. "I Want To See You" finds the band exploring more exotic rhythms, as a slightly jazzy, latin-tinged undercurrent propels it all towards a bolder, more rock heavy chorus. A blistering guitar solo elevates everything that much higher. "Hard Enough" takes on those gut-wrenching feelings of loss, as the lyrics state that "it's hard enough to walk this loney road without you - to miss everything about you." While "Take What's Mine" playfully references Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady," the track remains true to an originalty - within the classic hard rock formula - that is woven through the entire album. - Dave Cromwell

Published: December 07, 2011 |

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