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Weekly Feature: Ghost Ghost

Weekly Feature: Ghost Ghost

Don't let Ghost Ghost fool you. While yes, they are friendly spirits, they have seen things. Dark things. Perhaps that is still why they walk the earth, playing shows in New York City until they attain whatever it is they are looking for and are at peace. Or maybe they're just some musicians, a painter, and a video artist (their live show incorporates both video projections and live painting.) Ghost Ghost's most recent release, "No Clothes on Ragged Island," is a concept album about the life of poet Edna St. Vincent MIllay, recorded in one day, the soothing guitar work and earnestly sweet vocals belie the ominous lyrics. Tragedy and heartbreak lurk around every corner, and, it seems to Ghost Ghost, the best thing to do is keep a shaking smile on their lips as they tread out into the unknown darkness. - Read Allison Levin's Q&A with the band here.

Published: December 22, 2011 |

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