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Deli Best of NYC 2011 - Submission Results for INDIE POP/LO-FI: Caveman, Chappo, The Bandana Splits, Indyns

Deli Best of NYC 2011 - Submission Results for INDIE POP/LO-FI: Caveman, Chappo, The Bandana Splits, Indyns

It's time to unveil the results of the very popular INDIE POP/LO-FI category, relative to the submissions we received for our Best of NYC 2011 Year End Poll.

Jurors: Mike Harper (Deli Portland), Kate Shepherd (Deli Seattle), QD Tran (Deli Philly)

The artists in this list qualify for the next phase of the poll, and will be added to the bands nominated by our jury of local scenemakers.

1. Caveman

We weren't expecting NYC psych-pop masters Caveman - who graced our NYC mag's cover in last summer's issue - to submit for our year end poll, considering how much buzz they managed to drum up since their debut record was released. But that's what down to earth musicians who self-release and self-produce their music do - they look for opportunities for exposure knowing that every little bit adds up. It's obviously working for them, also because they are undeniably one of the best NYC emerging bands of 2011, whatever this poll's results will end up being. By the way, what's wrong with Pitchfork.com? It doesn't look like they reviewed their album yet!!! - Read The Deli's cover feature on Caveman here.

2. Starlight Girls

Spooky, sexy, at times psychedelic, Starlight Girls imposes a carefully constructed facade built from French cabaret, soulful '60s nuggets and downtempo sultriness. Their songs are are invitingly simple, but hold you fast until you're caught up in the depth of their sinister and artful dance party. Vocalists Christina B and Karys may have adopted their name from the band featured on '80s cartoon Jem, but their sound is built from another place entirely.

3a. Chappo

Do you believe in doppelgangers? Alex Chappo does. In his zonked out debut Plastique Universe, Chappo and band embody sci-fi bandits that screw with their doppelgangers and rock out the way Wayne Coyne fights aliens. Don't even try to stop them. These guys are on a mission to make sure you visit their dimension, and eat their hard rocking acid while you're out there.

3b. The Bandana Splits

This infectious girl group reminds us of the sweet simplicity that can come from three great voices. We could just as easily see Lauren Balthrop, Annie Nero and Dawn Landes doo-wop'ing a Phil Spector Ronettes session as ending the second episode of this season's Bored to Death (best one of the year). Either way, The Bandana Spilt's brand of catchy pop is far too much fun to ignore.

3c. Indyns


Indyns makes dance music for people who like spending time alone in the bedroom. Moody and atmospheric, singer/songwriter Adam Jones and band produce a dream state formed from the simplest of elements: synth, beats and reverb-drenched guitars. Somehow these elements come together to produce catchy fog machine dance anthems perfect for your next pillow party.


These artists had good ratings from our jurors but won't qualify to the next round of our year end poll.

6. These Animals
For anyone wondering where all the guitar groups have gone, look no further than These Animals. Four guys who met at art school and came together to bounce and groove their way around some of the catchiest power pop since The Dismemberment Plan, These Animals have catchy hooks as locked down as their dense harmonies and flashy basslines.



7. Schocholautte
Schocholautte borrows Violent Femmes' upbeat enthusiasm, Guided By Voices' casual melodies and Dinosaur Junior's explosive guitar parts to concoct one of the most fun NYC records of the year so far.

8a. dDiILliIAaNn
dDiILliIAaNn scares me a little... but that's a good thing. Sounding like Beck got a little rowdy with Ariel Pink, this maniac brings the party to the freaks. Too crazy to turn your back on, but too catchy to forget, dDiILliIAaNn might be one of the more interesting of Brooklyn's recent psych-pop party acts.

8b. The Tablets
Who knew toy drums could sound this sexy? Liz Godoy's deadpan dreaminess brings the love out of otherwise tin can percussion in songs like Sugar Coated and Armistice, all with the help of her power-stomping nine piece band. Godoy has fronted more than a couple great bands in her time, but The Tablets brings out her inner dancer more than anything I've heard yet.

These artists also had really good ratings from our jurors and deserve to be mentioned: Overlord, Baby Teardrop, The Smoking Jackets

Published: January 04, 2012 |

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