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Deli Best of NYC 2011 - Submission Results for SINGER SONGWRITERS: Robin Bacior, Bird Call, Mal Blum

Deli Best of NYC 2011 - Submission Results for SINGER SONGWRITERS: Robin Bacior, Bird Call, Mal Blum

More results from our NYC Best of 2011 for emerging artists poll, people! It's time for the Singer Songwriter category...

Mike Harper (Deli Portland), Juan Rodriguez (Deli LA), QD Tran (Deli Philly

The artists in this list qualify for the final phase of the poll, and will be added to the bands nominated by our jury of local scenemakers.

1a. Robin Bacior

Robin Bacior's intimate, honest lyrics and complex, ever evolving orchestral arrangements, show us a musician who is well beyond her twenty four years. Her comforting folk music is perfect for the winter season: a time of nostalgia and self-awareness yet utmost beauty.

1b. Bird Call


Bird Call is that breath of fresh air the morning after your crazy night out. Equal parts regret and resolve, singer Chiara Angelicola lays it all out plainly with her mellifluous voice and softly pedaled piano. In tracks like 'Waltz in the Snow' and her revealing cover of Beck's 'Lost Cause,' Angelicola's torch song beauty reminds us of why the caged bird sings.

3. Mal Blum

Mal is that hyper-kinetic, fun-loving girl who everyone wants to be friends with. Full of humour and sweetness in songs like "Baltimore, San Cristobal," and her heartfelt contribution to the "It Gets Better" campaign, she is here to brighten your day and make you appreciate the little things a little bit more. As much as she loves her ukulele, you'll love Mal too.


These artists had good ratings from our jurors but won't qualify to the next round of our year end poll.

4. Spottiswoode & His Enemies
Maybe you haven't heard yet, but Spottiswoode & His Enemies have been quietly channeling New York's late night spirit for well over a decade now. The band knows how to tell a story, because they've probably lived it before you had your first drink. With a voice carving a space between Warren Zevon and Ian dury, singer/songwriter Young Spott's work takes you on a journey to a place inhabitated by hedonism and romance, but few regrets.

5a. Sydney Wayser
Expect big things from Sydney in 2012. At our Deli CMJ show in October we heard a few songs from her upcoming album - out in a few weeks - and were very impressed with them, without mentioning her beautiful voice, confident stage presence and... adorable red cheeks! This is a very talented young singer songwriter who is just about to reach her creative peak, keep an ear on her!

5b. Pat Hull
Soft and confessional, Pat Hull has something few singer/songwriters bother with these days: unfiltered vulnerability. Like Elliott Smith or Jeff Buckley, he somehow sounds his most explosive when at his most intimate. This is a rare gift, and considering how young this folk singer is, will only take him far.

These artists also had really good ratings from our jurors and deserve to be mentioned: Emily Greene, Argyle Johansen, Itamar Ziegler, Mike Higbee

Published: January 05, 2012 |

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