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Found through our music submissions: Christine Hoberg

Found through our music submissions: Christine Hoberg

You do not want to be on the bad side of Christine Hoberg. Her romantic reflections often turn to rage and revenge, and her lyrics rarely miss their mark. While 'J'Aime' off its eponymous record brings out an honest yearning to find love, Hoberg more often than not revels in love's less saintly modes, like the wrenching 'White Ass' and 'Nutcase.'

For her latest record, Hoberg challenges herself not in changing what worked so well over the past couple years, but in finding a space where her feelings can elevate amidst layers of haunting echoes that shimmer from her piano stretches and knife-cutting vocal delivery. 'Moonlight Never Shined So Bright' is both haunting and cutting at once, revealing depths to Hoberg that challenge any simple explanation for her wicked streak. Christine's can be a voice full of pain, but this weight gains a breathtaking outlet when expressed through the elevated tension of her music.- Mike Levine

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Published: May 16, 2012 |

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