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A note from Matt Roth about the NYC Industry article on issue #30

A note from Matt Roth about the NYC Industry article on issue #30

"Hey. This is Matt Roth, from Schwervon!, and the guy that was quoted in the "NYC: State of the Industry" article that starts on page 7 (here). There is a sentence in the article that is bugging me a bit and I feel like it's an inaccurate portrait of what I'm all about. It's in the second paragraph of the section entitled "Olive Juice...." The phrase that I "single handedly" did all of these things couldn't be further the truth. I had a great deal of help from my partner Nan (also in the picture) and many, many others. I could never have done any of the the things I have done, musically, without a great deal of support and volunteer help from friends, family, fans and fellow artists. I really want to make that clear. Okay other than this I found the article very interesting. Thanks." - Matt Roth

Published: May 23, 2012 |

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