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Weekly Feature: Illumntr

Weekly Feature: Illumntr

Illuminator recently dropped some vowels because there were other bands out there with a similar name. It's almost certain, however, that these bands sound nothing like Illumntr. In fact, it's arguable that most bands sound nothing like Illumntr, for they exist, mentally and audibly, on a different planet. Like a tripped out sonic loom, their combination of sounds and ideas produce a multicolored patchwork. Vocals weave in and out, mingling with echoes, bells, and jangles, timpani and synths. These are not songs with hooks, meant to be easily digested and spat back out. Instead they are carefully constructed suites, pieces melding into one another with orchestral grace. - Read Alison Levin's interview with the band here.

Published: June 01, 2012 |

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