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What is The Deli?

The Deli Magazine is a daily updated website covering 11 local US music scenes (thus far: NYC, LA, Seattle, Nashville, Chicago, San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, Austin, Philly, DC Area and New England) through 11 dedicated, separate blogs. We also have two quarterly publication exclusively focused on the NYC and LA independent music scenes - and a yearly magazine focused on the SXSW music festival in Austin.

Genres Covered and Web Charts

We won't hide that we have a preference for artists that play personal music rather than generic one, but this being said, we cover a wide spectrum of genres, including Indie, Alt Rock, DIY, Post Punk, Rootsy Music and occasionally also Metal and Hip Hop. All these and other non purely commercial genres are included in our Web Buzz Charts organized by genre and regions, which are our own way to celebrate and track the local scenes and the communities of musicians that make them alive.

Mission Statement

The primary goal of The Deli is to expose local musical artists that have not yet reached a level of international fame: this is why all of our printed articles feature only up and coming bands and singer-songwriters (while our websites also cover the most popular breakout bands) .

The secondary goal is to inform and advise the NYC community of musicians on any other matter related to making music, from recording it to promoting it and performing it. You will find this kind of information in our Delicious Audio Blog and Listings section.

CD Submission Policy
The Deli reviews music regionally (i.e. if you are based in NYC you will be reviewed in our NYC blog).

At this time we only accept digital submission through our CD Submission System here.

For added exposure, you can post mp3s and a blurb about your band on the local Open Blogs here's the NYC one.

The Deli's Staff

Paolo De Gregorio - Editor-In-Chief - Email

Manically devoted to the indie rock/pop genre and truly obsessed with the NYC scene since he was a teenager living in Italy, Paolo De Gregorio settled in the Big Apple after 5 years in London (U.K.). Originally a songwriter and electronic musician, while in the UK, Paolo developed and refined his skills as a sound/mixing engineer, collaborating with producer Charlie Francis (R.E.M, High Llamas, Turin Brakes, Minus 5) and working on several independent projects and one major indie-pop hit ("Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too," New Radicals, Universal). While in New York, he also worked with We Are Scientists on an early EP and recognized the talent of a songwriter named Lizzy Grant, who later became known as Lana Del Rey - he recorded two tracks for her pro bono (the time investement didn't pay out... yet).
Paolo started The Deli without fully understanding the extent of his undertaking. One can often hear him complain about the excessive volume of emails he receives or the pressure involved in running a magazine. Paolo is always looking for quality, edgy, indie rock/pop bands with innovative sounds, songs, and haircuts.

P.S. An innovative haircut won't cut it if your music sucks.

Our writers and collaborators keep changing... one day we'll find a way to let them update their own bios!!!



The first issue of The Deli, published in December 2004.