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Amen Dunes

Record of the Month: Amen Dunes - "Freedom"

There are some albums that feel like spiritual excursions the moment they start, transfixing us instantly at the right time and place. Amen Dune’s fifth record, Freedom, is one such record. The introduction informs us that the time is now, and it belongs to Damon McMahon and his finely tuned songwriting. Each track is impeccably produced, precise and imperious, as synths and bass lines appear on the horizon before shimmering out of view. The interplay between each instrument is like multiple generations of mirages materializing at once, and McMahon’s vocals sit in the center commanding attention with assured confidence in the stream-of-consciousness lyrics. Freedom was released wholly realized, yet it’s the undefinable aspects that assert why it’s an intoxicating and infinitely rewarding album. -Tucker Pennington

Amen Dunes releases "Miki Dora" music video; new LP "Freedom" drops 03.30

In March, you can pick up Amen Dunes' fifth album, Freedom. However, right now, you can watch the music video for "Miki Dora", the first single from the album. Damon McMahon, the brains behind Amen Dunes, reflects on his youth and upbringing in the eleven tracks on Freedom; in "Miki Dora", he connects the life of the legendary surfer to his own, touching on the surfer's criminality and distorted personality. Tastes of the early-80s post-punk and late-80s no-wave scene come through in the track. The music video for the first single stars seventeen-year-old Boomer Feith running through New York City in slowed-down scenes to fit the bass-heavy moody music; scenes of McMahon singing and lyrics from the song cut in between.

To celebrate the release, Amen Dunes will perform at Music Hall of Williamsburg on March 31st with a brand new live band. Get a taste for what's to come by watching the video for "Miki Dora" below. - Will Sisskind


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