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Evelyn hone their sound with new EP, perform at Knitting Factory on 07.01

With the release of Light Full, Evelyn presented itself as a fully materialized band. The riffs were striking, the vocals were fiery and the lyrics were streamlined to be evocative on first listen. How does a group like this, with their sound seemingly fully formed at launch, continue to engage their audience? By releasing a tighter, laser-focused follow-up. The four tracks of Slowly expand on the band’s philosophy of “hearts-on-their-sleeves” indie rock by allowing for the impassioned performances to be more dynamic. The opening song “Honey” charges forward with the swagger of a band more in tune with themselves, while the eponymous and spacey “Slowly” offers a dreamier take on catharsis. The more in sync performances allow for Slowly to find breathing room for each emotional element, so when a solo kicks into full gear, it burns brighter and remains stirring long after the EP is over. Evelyn continue to blaze a path that is wholly their own, where every small emotion is explored and bursts open in a wide-eyed release. You can watch the video for the “Slowly” single below and see Evelyn perform at Knitting Factory on July 1. -Tucker Pennington 

Evelyn to Play at Pianos July 29th

"You can't say indie rock is dead, it's just being taken over by women," Sophie Allison (of Soccer Mommy) once said. And with an up-and-coming band like Evelyn, it seems pretty hard to dispute. The Brooklyn indie rock band’s recent project may have proven that they possess the caliber to become one of the prominent, emerging female-led indie rock bands surging through the music scene at the moment. Their EP released back in March, Light Full, has tracks rooted in a mellow, indie rock sound, but soar into many distinct and uplifting directions throughout. The opening track, “Lament”, begins with trilling and whammy-barred guitars that build toward a more emotional, vigorous sound, eventually finishing with an emphatic guitar solo. The other songs don’t fall short either. “Endlessly” works in an indie folk vibe and “Light Full” immediately kicks off with fuzzier garage-rock. The way Evelyn brings forth a plethora of sounds while keeping it all within their style is definitely something to keep an eye on. Check out their performance at Pianos in NYC on July 29th. - Pearse Devlin


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