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Good Days

Listen to Good Days' bopping new single, "Blue"

Good Days' "Blue" sounds as wholesome as their origin story—songwriters Eric Ronick and Michael Cannova met at the Lower East Side in New York when they discovered they both had shared likeminded musical interests. The indie-pop duo both have an affinity for a beachy, classic oldies sound, something they bring back to life on their joyful new single. The piano-led track opens with their prominent dual harmonies—and keep it that way for about a minute—capturing a vintage L.A. pop groove that carries on into the very end. If there's a restorative effect to "Blue," well, that's intentional, as they wrote its infectious bopping beat with three phases in mind—focus, escape, and love. 

"Blue" is the latest reveal off Good Days' singles collection ROYGBIV, which you can listen to now via their official soundcloud. Juan Rodríguez


Good Days make a colorful splash on "Orange"

Synesthesia can be a complex, difficult idea to communicate to those who don’t experience it. Sure, there’s a good chunk of musicians who perceive sounds as colors, but to instill that into the DNA of a song so it is evident to all listeners can be a pesky thing to nail down. That’s exactly what duo Good Days accomplishes on “Orange, ” the latest single from their upcoming album ROYGBIV. The track blends together the harmonic bliss of 60’s surf-pop with subtly implemented soul-pop flourishes that offer up a full-bodied depiction of an orange sunrise. The same way, the group transforms uplifting platitudes into genuinely motivating assurances with their lyrics, they also flip nostalgic vibes into something that feels fresh in its execution. You can stream “Orange” below and be on the lookout for the rest of the colors to be represented on their forthcoming album. -Tucker Pennington


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