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The Nectars

Buzz Alert: The Nectars tour the UK + release debut LP "Sci-Fi Television" on 06.01

New Jersey quartet The Nectars is opening up a space for the rock of 20 years ago to spill like a smashed Capri Sun back into our consciousness. Their songs are about having fun, being free and in love, and offer a sound appropriately reminiscent of those positively punchy, female fronted, power pop bands of the late '90s/early aughts like No Doubt and Paramore. Singer Jessica Kenny has the presence and vocal prowess to take this band beyond the local circuit (as a matter fact, they are already touring the UK) and songs like "I Want It" (our favorite) and recently released "We Will Run" (streaming below) have the melodic appeal to win over the new generation of rock seekers.  After a string of singles accompanied by lo-fi-ish videos, the band is set to release debut album Sci-Fi Television on June 1st.

Jessica Kenny describes the band's new music video for "We Will Run" as “a love letter to simpler times. A tribute to the New Jersey of our youth." Set in a low rent rehearsal space and peppered with shots of the band just hanging out and riding bikes, the video's mood is set for the juicy nostalgia the band aims to embody while letting us feel it new again. "We are sci-fi television love" Jessica repeats in the bridge. Somehow I'm reminded of Indiana Jones re-runs on TV, when the internet took so long to load that it wasn't worth it, when having nothing to do on a Saturday was normal and blissfully boring - and getting a new CD was the best treat there ever was... - Meghan Rose

The Nectars share video, play The Meatlocker in Montclair, NJ on 1/27

Emerging from the restless suburban sprawl of New Jersey, The Nectars find inspiration across the Hudson River (and beyond) in developing their alt-punk sound. Making a sticky impression with their debut single and video “Heaven” (streaming below), elements of classic 90's and early aughts female fronted rock can be gleaned through both the audio and visual performance. While Gwen Stefani and No Doubt provide an obvious visual reference, other sonic elements emerge as the song progresses. “I should have never started looking at you – should have never started getting so close” serves as the essential sonic bridge through to its explosive chorus, which reveals how the beauty all around us is rediscovered once freed from a toxic relationship. The band embraces Sonic Youth's forceful abandon, but soaring vocals bring to mind Amy Lee's range and quality with Evanescence. The Nectars will play The Meatlocker in Montclair, NJ on 1/27 with a stacked lineup of upcoming artists. - Dave Cromwell


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