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QWAM's "Buy A Toy" is equal parts doom and joy, see tham at The Footlight 3.15

QWAM’s newest single “Buy A Toy” is the sonic equivalent of a Subaru Outback barreling out of the crowded city, taking a scenic ride through the Poconos, and then driving off a cliff into the Delaware Water Gap. It’s energetic, filled with a lot of heart, and ultimately marked by a kind of humorous fatalism that makes it endearing in a “shit happens” type of way. While the crux of the song revolves around a repeating mantra (“just wanna buy a toy for you”), its simplicity plays against QWAM’s discordant shredding to deliver a concise, scorched earth product that may bring the listener to both dance joyously and burn something. Watch the video below, and catch them at The Footlight on March 15th alongside Plaid Dracula and Smock. -Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt), Photo by Karen Sofia Colon


A Deli premiere: QWAM's video for "Dirty Feet"

If you aren't on the QWAM bandwagon yet, now's the time to jump on. Perhaps the music video for "Dirty Feet," which the New York quartet is premiering here, can serve as your jumping off point. The song, the closing track to their 2018 five-song EP Feed Me, evokes a sound that feels akin to Sleater-Kinney, right down to the vocals of frontwoman Felicia Lobo. The video, which features the band, as well as a charming little pooch named Toby, has a lot going on in it. It feels at times like QWAM had several ideas for a music video, and decided to go with all of them. However, the excess doesn't diminish the quality of "Dirty Feet," a real standout track. Check out the video, and see the band at El Cortez in Brooklyn on September 28. - Chris Morgan


QWAM bring their heart wrenching punk to El Cortez on 09.28

QWAM, a quartet hailing from New York, call Feed Me, their five-song EP released earlier this year, the first EP they are proud to show their moms - who were probably in their teens when the Sex Pistols' Never Mind the Bollocks dropped in 1977. Given how good it is, they should be proud to show anybody, even the most cynical of punks out there. At its best, Feed Me is a propulsive ball of rocking energy that will warm your heart before ripping it out. If they are in your area, and they have a show at the El Cortez in Brooklyn on September 28, do yourself a favor and check them out. - Chris Morgan


Punk rock group QWAM releases debut LP "Feed Me" at The Knit on 01.24

Walking the line between punk and alt rock, Brooklyn's QWAM delivers generous doses of anthemic energy in their debut EP "Feed Me" (a title that surely resonates with most emerging musician in the city). The record was born and raised in Brooklyn, and recorded at legendary Studio G in Greenpint by Jack Counce. You can catch the band's driving guitars, frenetic drums, and snarling vocals from lead singer Felicia Lobo at The Knitting Factory on January 24th, during which they'll be celebrating the record's release.


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