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Soft Idiot

New Soft Idiot EP Available for Streaming & Download

Byrrie is the latest EP from Philly singer-songwriter Justin Roth, a.k.a. Soft Idiot. Intimately enchanting, nostalgic, bedroom-folk tales retain a sense of endearing beauty and warmth. However, the fractured fragility of a relationship hangs in the air. Soft Idiot is slated to perform at Ortlieb’s on Sunday, September 1, with Dead Neighbors and all boy/all girl.

New Soft Idiot LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

In the Long Light of the Failing Sun (Cicada Choir), the new album from Justin Roth-led Soft Idiot, officially arrived today. Introspective, evaluating folk exuberantly springs forward. Gently swaying or dashing in an energetic rush, there’s a reassuring honesty. Soft Idiot will be co-hosting a dual record release show with Screamcloud on Friday, February 8 at The Conservatory, where they'll be supported by Dan Clifford and High Noon.

New Soft Idiot LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Rain Wins Another Year!, the new album from Soft Idiot, recently arrived, and is available on cassette courtesy of Cheap Plastic Records. Saturated in emotive melodies, the record unites a series of diary-styled narratives. Invited into one's personal space, these songs exude an effervescent warmth, while exposing an endearing interior. That pleasure and pain principle strewn across a lo-fi, folk platform is a domain that you’ll explore and escape within.

New Lonely Ghost & Soft Idiot Split EP Available for Streaming & Download

Lonely Ghost and Soft Idiot have paired up to released the aptly titled split EP Lonely/Idiot. “Sleep Well” by Lonely Ghost, a.k.a. Kenny Forrester, melodically rattles in a shoegazing absorption. Shifting into a more tranquil hypnotic atmosphere, “We Felt Safe” drifts in subtle emotives. “Eclipse Song” and “Walk,” the contributions from Justin Roth, a.k.a. Soft Idiot, swim in a jangly folk setting (with “Walk” venturing into a psych-rock/noise realm), allowing the lyrical proximity to remain in focus. Soft Idiot is slated to appear on a bill with Mavis The Dog and Cabbage at Ortleib's on Wednesday, September 27.


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