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Beautiful Machines

Beautiful Machines Introduce New Album - Bridges

The San Francisco based band, Beautiful Machines is back with their new album, Bridges.

Bridges takes the band in a new direction, deepening their exploration of live analog/electronic music. The album is purposefully arranged to take the listener on a journey, like cycling through a Tron-grid landscape to launching into a euphoric stratosphere. Thoughtful, dynamic and full of rich powerful choruses, wide lush verses and tangential bridges, this album strikes a chord and "bridges" technology and emotion.

The 2nd of a trilogy and thematically bridging Disconnect : : Reconnect (2014) with its following concept album Singularity (2017), think of Bridges as an inter-dimensional gateway connecting a circuit or a thought.

Beautiful Machines Album Review + Live Performance at Public Works TONIGHT

Beautiful MachinesDisconnect : : Reconnect begins with the electro pop mammoth song, Tragic, adorned with a pair of airy and sawtooth synths, deep club drum beats, an instantly recognizable chorus melody and yes, this song is played with actual guitars. This track is a club climax stunner. It's the one that provokes a concert goer to disregard bitter creditors, buy that perfect cocktail, abandon inhibitions and social cowardice and mount the dance floor while letting their limbs become possessed by a sound that carries them through the moment.

We then drop into a bit more of an industrial track titled Birds and Bees, which is textured and glittering, a compositional gift Beautiful Machines are noted for. There is a yearning that can be sensed in vocalist Conrad Schuman's psyche that seeps into the band's songs. Their new upcoming release Disconnect :: Reconnect continues in an emotional swell and release, and is always danceable and ever growing in an inflammatory exploration of rhythm soundscapes and electro popisms at their finest. Professional yet brimming with vicious emotion, this band has Impeccable musicianship and carefully crafted songs that give this electro pop landmark its credibility and beyond all else, listenability. -Hunter Stroope

Catch Beautiful Machines live at Public Works in San Francisco tonight with Pixel Memory, Bubblegum Crisis and Brouhaha DJs.

Animammal Official Trailer from Beautiful Machines on Vimeo.


San Francisco's Great American Cities is Performing Live at The Monarch 4/18

Talented San Francisco based acousto-electronic rock band, Great American Cities will be playing live at The Monach this weekend on April 18th in San Francisco. They will be the musical portion of a local fashion show entitled, Heart of The Lion by Jozie T and Ruy Sue, along with the electronic synth pop band, Beautiful Machines. A member of influential local doom pop band, Death Valley High will be DJing the event all night long. It will be a crazy night of alternative rock and fashion at The Monarch!! Don't miss Great American Cities and Beautiful Machines tearing down the house. You can find out more information about this event and RSVP here.


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