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Big Data

Jenn Wasner (of Wye Oak and Flock of Dimes) schedules Baltimore show for 9/26, is working on a new record, and is releasing some stellar collabs

Baltimore's Jenn Wasner doesn't need much of an introduction, she's made quite an impact both locally and internationally with her experimental electo-lyrical duo Wye Oak and solo project Flock of Dimes. Wye Oak's "Shriek" was one of the standout indie records of 2014 - since then Wasner has been touring with the fantastic Sylvan Esso, getting her next solo release ready, and working with Andy Stack on new band material. None of her new songs are available online yet, but if you make it to one of her live shows you'll most certainly hear what's in the works. Flock of Dime's next Baltimore show isn't until September 26th at Druid Hill Park, but if you're as impatient as we are you might enjoy some sonic treats to tide you over. Warner has been releasing some killer collaborations, one being a dark pop song called "Automatic" with producer Alan Wilkis on his project Big Data. Wasner brings her dream-gloom magic into a more traditional pop set up, delivering cryptic hooks like "Here I am, Don't you want me to do it again?". Sylvan Esso's lead Amelia Meath, having started her career in the primarily a cappella trio Mountain Man, is no stranger to finding haunting harmonies. When Wasner and Meath get together to take in and take on Gillian Welch's "Everything is Free" in a video for The A.V. Club's cover series, they cast a spell. This can't really be described. I hope you'll give it a watch, especially if it's been a while since you've gotten shiver-skin from hearing something beautiful. - Leora Mandel

Song starts at 0:30

One (or two?)-man electro-pop band from Brooklyn: Big Data

We stumbled upon Big Data's name yesterday while blogging about Tiny Victories, the two electronic bands will share the Baby's All Right stage on May 8. A closer look at this project reveals that it's a creative outlet of Brooklyn producer Alan Wilkis, who seems to borrow the modus operanding of Massive Attack and other record releasing electronic producers, consisting in creating the songs' arrangements and letting pro vocalists sing. This being said, Big Data's selection of vocalist seems a little limited, since in debut EP "1.0" all the 4 tracks - including streaming single "Dangerous" - feature Rochester, NY based Joywave behind the mic, indicated as a "guest."  Big Data is about to play a string of shows in the NY and CA areas, and we are not sure if Joywave will join the live show - I guess we'll find out on the 8th.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Tiny Victories announces LP "Haunts" + plays Baby's All Right on May 8

Tiny Victories has a gravity in its music that's been out of fashion for a while in the Brooklyn scene - with some rare and successful exceptions (read: The National). The band just released this unusual single, entitled "Drinking with Your Ghost," which mixes electronic elements like buzzy keyboards and effects with the cleanest of acoustic guitars. The sober, deep and uneffected sounding vocals also work in a direction that's kind of anti-electronic, contributing to a sound that's hard to grab - like the demons they sing about. Tiny Victory announced the release of debut LP "Haunts" and will be playing live in Brooklyn at Baby's All Right with Big Data on May 8.


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