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Billy Woods

Brooklyn Hip Hop to keep an ear on: Billy Woods

Billy Woods still won’t show his face.  Even as one of the forerunners of Brooklyn’s Indieground, he remains cloaked in mystery and blunt smoke.  In the video for “Keloid” from his most recent LP Known Unknowns, Woods is a stark silhouette against an antiseptic backdrop.  In a world that gets scarier with greater exposure to the evils at play behind the curtains, we all wish we had a “clean room” to escape the radioactivity and radio activity.  For a stream-of-consciousness MC whose consciousness is more finely attuned than most could hope for, I imagine Woods’ brain is his clean room.  Let’s hope he keeps scribbling away.  We may “get no answers,” but at least the questions are less haunting when we face them together. - BrokeMC

Alt Rap takes over DROM tomorrow (12.02) with Uncommon Nasa, We Are Not for Them, We are the Karma Kids, Billy Woods, Elucid

Tmorrow (12.3) at DROM, drink up some holiday spirits to your favorite hooligan spitters. Featuring some of the best rappers in the New York City indieground, the 9th Annual Yule Prog is the Hip Hop event of the season. Uncommon Nasa, We Are Not for Them, We are the Karma Kids, Billy Woods, and Elucid (whose video for "Automatic Writing is streaming below) are just a smattering of the cerebral slaughterhouse that will smash the stage. Also performing is Mello Music Group’s Quelle Chris from Chicago. If you’re not too upset about the corrupt government or the tyranny of the 1%, you may ever dance a little bit. - BrokeMC

NYC rapper Billy Woods releases "Today, I Wrote Nothing" + plays Baby's All Right on 04/19

Bushwick’s reclusive Billy Woods has once again tossed out one of his cryptic introspective message-in-a-bottle albums. Following 2013’s highly-praised Dour Candy produced by indie-rap super producer Blockhead, it maintains Billy’s acerbic assessment of life and struggle. In contrast to his highly political work in side project Armand Hammer, this album feels more like a stack of random diary pages ripped out and read before being doused in kerosene and ignited. But with track names like “Zulu Tolstoy” and “U-boats” and lines like “That great escape - tree of knowledge, bagged and sold by the eighth - it only took one snake,” it’s not without its social commentaries. It moves quickly with few tracks even reaching the three-minute mark, but, knowing Billy, this is probably just a clandestine jab at audiences’ diminishing attention spans. For an artist as prolific as Woods, one can only wonder what would happen on the day he truly “wrote nothing.” Billy will be performing alongside Open Mike Eagle and The Karma Kids at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn on Sunday 4/19. - BrokeMc


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