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Birch’s new track is a stirring ode to feminism

Building off a repeated chant of “they want you” Birch creates a stirring ode to the feminist movement on new track “femme.two.” The single takes inspiration from the 2017 Women’s Marches and lays out a view of the current struggle for continued rights that’s both honest and inspiring. The music flows darkly, mirroring the tiresome work of feminism today rather than preaching plain optimism. On top stuttering backing beats the chords progress from minor to major as Birch’s Michelle Birsky sings with reverence. “I don’t wanna wait for the tide to change / listen to my voice and you’ll feel the same.” Musically, it’s fairly minimal and almost dreary at times but that only serves to give more power to Birsky’s voice and lyrics. – Cameron Carr


Birch’s politically aware pop takes the stage at Baby’s All Right on 1.27

“You bought yourself a gun, you think it makes you safer / And stop telling me what to do with my body, it’s my fucking body” Michelle Birsky sings on Birch’s synth-pop slow dancer “Pick Sides.” It can be difficult to confront large societal issues while maintaining the accessibility of pop music, but Birch pulls it off with tact, tucking the personal effects of political and social divisions into buoyant pop filled with sweeping synths and hip-hop inspired beats. Perhaps the duo’s music is all the more reletable because it acknowledges how these issues seep into our ordinary lives. Birch’s next performance will be at Baby’s All Right on January 27th opening for Cape Francis. – Cameron Carr


Birch releases EP "Not Human" at Gold Sounds on 6/10

For those seeking a dreamy respite from the terrors of the world, Birch will release their new EP Not Human on June 9th, with a show at Gold Sounds on the 10th. Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Michelle Birsky stands at the helm of Birch, teaming up with bandmate Mat Towles to provide an ethereal pop to help listeners transcend above their worries. The lyrics on Not Human deal with society and politics today, and in a time where music seems like one of the only escapes from reality, Birch's EP provides a place for listeners to withdraw without losing ground. If you want a taste of what that feels like, you can stream Not Human below right now; if you like what you hear, go see Birch live on Saturday. - Will Sisskind



Synth-pop artist, Birch drops new single, plays Mercury Lounge 2/25

Brooklyn-based artist Birch's new single, "Pick Sides" arrives at an exceptionally divisive point in our country's history. While most people find themselves plagued with a robust outpouring of facebook fights focused on politics, social constructs, or the full gamut in between, Michelle Birsky--the synth-pop artist behind the musical project--turns her attention to the binary ways of thinking that create the false dichotomies that divide us. The single proves to be a bit more pop-minded than her previous releases, but the gravity of the subject blends seamlessly into her infectious melodies, and truly showcases her songwriting prowess. You can catch Birch live at the Mercury Lounge 2/25 alongside, Controller and Madeline Mondrala, but also click the play button to stream her below.-Olivia Sisinni

From the NYC submissions: Birch

We stumbled upon Birch (not to be confused with songwriter Diane Birch) a couple of times while blogging about other artists (and that's a good thing in itself), so finding the band's debut EP among the digital NYC submissions allowed us for a more in depth exposure to their music. Led by singer-songwriter/synth player Michelle Birsky and her expressive alto, the trio plays an edgy brand of electro pop, where buzzy synths and fuzzy guitars contribute in equal measure to a sound that's as full as it is articulated. Opener 'Fighting Words' (streaming) marries a Devoesque drum/buzzy synth pattern with Eastern sounding guitar riffs and Michelle's saturated vocals, while featuring a structure that delays the pop explosion until minute 1'40". Fans of early Best Coast will enjoy the evocative second and third tracks "Carolyn" and 'Halfway.' Birch just released a cover song/video combo of Pixies' 'Where is my mind?"

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