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Buke and Gase

The Hum final night on 10.24 with members of Buke and Gase, Cibo Matto, Lake Street Dive + more

The final appointment with this October 2016 edition of The Hum will be bittersweet indeed, since the venue that's been hosting it since its 2015 debut, Greenpoint's Manhattan Inn, recently announced that it will closed before the end of the year. The Deli sponsored event, organized by Hypnocraft, features a curated line-up of NYC-based female musicians in collaborative settings, and on Monday will see some of our favorite NYC artists ever, like super talented Aaron Dyer from Buke and Gase (who graced the cover of our magazine back in 2009), Rachael Price of Lake Street Dive and Yuka C. Honda of Cibo Matto. Here's the full list of collaborative sets, this show is not to be missed!

Yuka C. Honda (Cibo Matto) + Arone Dyer (Buke and Gase) + Shayna Dunkelman

Rachael Price (Lake Street Dive) + Lynette Williams + Christina Courtin (Pilot Violet)

Eszter Balint + Dayna Kurtz + Sydney Price (Northwood

Buke & Gase release new single 'Seam Esteem' + announce tour

We've been obsessed with avant-indie duo Buke and Gase since we first saw them live at tiny Ditmas Park venue Sycamore back in 2008.  We instantly decided to put them on the cover of the then upcoming issue of The Deli NYC - and recommended the band to take that opportunity to change their name, which at the time was "Buke and Gass" (yeah...). They didn't listen to us, but eventually (2012 circa) proved us right by switching to "Buke and Gase." They are not exactly an emerging band anymore, but they should be considered a model by any up and coming artist for their consistent development of a personal style and powerful live shows.
They just released this new single 'Seam Esteem' (streaming below) and announced a West Coast tour that will bring them to Music Hall of Williamsburg on October 10.


Buke and Gase release video for General Dome

Here's the new video by one of the most original (and awesome) NYC bands, Buke and Gase, who graced the cover of our summer 2009 NYC issue. A band Pitchfork has a hard time giving a "best new music" tag to, because [the critic's] "ears just get worn out by all the airless staccato, longing for more open chords or smooth continuous tones". That is such a wonderfully irrelevant statement, I'm sure this guy would have said something similar after listening to Sonic Youth's "Daydream Nation" - only referred to the dissonance and darkness rather than the staccato - or even, say, the debut album by Television: "I get tired of all the genius guitar parts and incredible songs, my ears long for some dissonance and mediocrity just for the sake of variety". And this is why we don't really do negative reviews here at The Deli: because they are just opinions in the end, and more often than not stupid sounding ones. Check out "general Dome streaming below in the form of a (new) video which was premiered on... ahem... Pitchfork.



Buke and Gase release new track off 'General Dome' + play Red Hook benefit at Saint Vitus 11.10

If at The Deli, we've seized just about every opportunity to share some love for Buke and Gase, a relief initiative definitely seems as good a chance as any, so here's spreading the word. Joining the effort of many local musicians to raise funds for the victims of hurricane Sandy, the band released a new single off their forthcoming album 'General Dome', the adequately-titled 'Hard Times” (streaming below), the proceeds from which are being donated to the Red Hook Initiative.

Garnering a growing crowd through the success of their first album 'Riposte' (2010), the duo released in September a four-track EP, consisting of a deconstructed, discordant take on New Order's Blue Monday (also on the 'Hard Times' single) and three other improv-based songs written over a week. 

Compared to previous outputs, both 'Hiccup' and 'Hard Times' find the band adopting more linear a structure, making both polyrhythmic and dissonant efforts far more subtle, blending into the grit-laden stream of the song. Whether or not it is a new direction, we'll find out as the full album becomes available, early 2013. 

Coming back to the point, Arone Dyer & Aron Sanchez will be playing a Red Hook benefit at Saint Vitus, alongside Walter Schreifels, Believer/Law, Neon Indian and Bloodyminded, tomorrow evening (11.10 - $10 minimum donation). Find all the info here. TM 


Buke and Gase releases "General Dome" in early 2013

Hailed by The Deli as "The Best NYC Band of the New Millennium (so far)" and also as "the NYC band with the worst name ever" (please note they recently changed Gass to Gase, which slightly improves things), Buke and Gase are a creative force of epic proportions. The duo builds and master to perfection their own crazy sounding instruments and forges a musical style that's hard to pintpoint: I guess "electric-industrial-noise-rock" (since industrial is normally an electronic genre) gets very close to the substance of their music. The band was on the cover of the summer 2009 issue of The Deli, but didn't make Pitchfork's "Best New Music" only because the reviewer (who shouldn't have reviewed that album) thought their songs weren't structured enough. While that's a critique that makes sense for your regular indie pop or indie rock band, a different set of criteria should be used for an act so obviously (and so efficiently) experimental. 

This being said, the preview track from the upcoming album ("Hiccup," streaming below), besides showcasing once again Arone Dyer's melodic talent and the band's imaginative "anti-funk" tendencies, also betrays signs of coming to terms with a more "classic" song structure, which is something that can take this band to the next level in their career, since we all enjoy the tension and release qualities of more traditional pop songs.

For some more crazy goodness, check out the video for "Misshaping Introduction" here.

Buke and Gase is a band that will be remembered, and is best enjoyed live (Arone is also very entertaining on stage), so do not them at Mercury Lounge on October 12, and we mean it! - PDG


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