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A Deli Premiere: Def.GRLS' "Good Time," live at Warsaw tomorrow 10.13

Def.GRLS are energy itself, a lazer-light show of heavy psych-pop madness. It’s impossible to listen to their music without feeling the grit of glitter in one’s teeth or hair. Def.GRLS, as contagious as they are, are helpfully releasing their first LP “GRLS GRLS GRLS” on 11.17 to keep the party going. But, just to get a hit of the glitter to make it until then, they leaked their single “Good Time” for us to premiere! Tomorrow Def.GRLS open for Andrew W.K., the party-master himself, at Warsaw. Don’t miss out! --Amanda Ogea

Def.GRLS play Rough Trade on 03.16

OK folks, it's almost Valentine's Day, but, really... are we rockers supposed to give a crap? (Answer: it depends what your other half thinks about it, and how much you care about him/her...). Brooklyn's Def.GRLS, at first glance, looks like a band perfectly equipped to entertain Valentine's Day practitioners. Just look at the cover of their 2015 “GRLS EP,” which features the annual red, pink and white "hues of adoration." The image on the record even depicts a woman biting into a marshmallow of some sort, while the band, in one of their Beatlesy-bubbly-beepity-bop tracks, sings about a... "FinGRLess Lady"??? Can you feel the love in the air or what? Okay, true, other great indie hits have been written about mutilation, and at the end of the day Def.GRLS do also sing about the girl of their dreams in “GRL,” another lo-fi, '60s style psychedelic pop gem. But we don't think that's enough to make them a good choice for your "regular" Valentine's day - and that's probably why their upcoming show is NOT on February14th, but a month and two days later, at Rough Trade, on March 16th. Check out their recent single Krampus, streaming below. - Jocelyn Huggler


A Deli NYC premiere: Def.GRLS unveil "The 4 Horsemen..." + play Shea Stadium tonight (08.04)

The sweet summery delicacy of a beach boys-y sound set against lyrics heralding apocalyptic doom? Def.GRLS is a band of devilishly delicious contradictions, combining elements of late 60's garage-pop with disco beats, and laying down distorted guitar tracks that sound almost Zeppelin-esque in scope. The result is a sound that's at once edgy and dulcet, delighting in retro vibes while never taking itself too seriously, and delivering lyrics that meld both fun and snark. Be on the lookout for their new EP dropping soon, but in the meantime listen below to single 'The 4 Horsemen...' and catch them tonight playing Shea Stadium with Sexy Neighbors, Dead Sexy Shelia and Das Black Milk.-Olivia Sisinni

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Psych songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


NYC discovery of the month: Def.GRLS bring the party to Palisades on 3.27

Imagine if you took The Beatles sound and put it through a DIY blender, what would you get out of it? Brooklyn based Def.GRLS, that's what. The lo-fi garage psych trio takes the battered remnants of a retro style and build it up with a sense of jovial abandon, molding their work into a slightly deformed but very bright and fun creature. The guitars shimmy with an ecstatic electric pulse as Martinson and Brickman’s vocals, slightly garbled as if slipping through a worn out PA system, float above the tracks. This band is all energy and glitter punches, a sonic wave coming at you with full speed and no intention of stopping. Jump on and ride this wave as they take the stage at Palisades on March 27.  - Adriana S Ballester


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