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Demure For Sure

Demure For Sure release creepy new single "It's Magic"

Remember when it was 2013 and all your favorite bands, TY Segall, King Tuff, and Ariel Pink, couldn't stop talking about Halloween? Demure For Sure's latest single "It's Magic" (from LP Tie-Dye Shadow) is a trip down memory lane for those who can relate. The NYC-based artist blends psychedelia, and art-rock '80s rock together in a new song that is nothing short of spell-binding. If you aren't entertained when Zach de Sorbo sings "Talisman's and amulets/I wear them all the time," (following a xylophone solo), just stick around for the the voice morphing and witch laughs. Alice Cooper would be proud. - Allie Miller


Demure For Sure unveils flower-power fantasy single 'Coconut, Rum And Banana'

Plenty of musical acts want to ride high on the Sixties-esque psych-rock revival to bring about some good feelings. Demure For Sure (the brianchild of NYC composer Zack De Sorbo) folds that avant-garde pomp and nostalgia into his newest track, "Coconut, Rum And Banana", released last week. The song -- from a distance -- could double as an outtake from The Beach Boys' Smile or something from The Monkees' discography, or as a more polished Ariel Pink single. Bubbling sounds and meandering flutes put the finishing touch on this flower-power fantasy, which might make you want to frolic through a field like a 21st-century Merry Prankster. "Coconut, Rum And Banana" will appear on Demure For Sure's EP "Tie-Dye Shadows", which comes out July 12th. - Will Sisskind


Demure For Sure to release new LP | Shares "Party Hardy" video

NYC-based, art-rocker Zach De Sorbo shares his latest video for “Party Hardy” (streaming below) under the moniker Demure For Sure.  This lead single from his forthcoming LP Tie-Dye Shadows is a two and a half minute guitar fueled psych out trip.  While the song title may sound more like an Andrew WK anthem, the track soon crosses over into an increasingly psychedelic realm.  Mad synth twiddles emerge then quickly recede for a less noisy surf-rock feel, while the video's imagery depicts... an exploding mind:  golden wigs, masks and too-close-for-comfort, slightly-oddball plush toys vie for attention alongside lollipops, jellybean “drugs” and “Be-Bop-A-Lula.”  With the protagonist now transformed into a clown costume and party hat (not unlike David Bowie’s character in his “Ashes To Ashes” video), the imaginary nature of this “party” is fully realized.  Having a soft-character collection as your only party guests seems appropriate for the frenzied vocal and riff-driven hook punctuating each line of the chorus.  The full album is set for release in June. - Dave Cromwell


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