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The Districts


Recap & Photos: The Orwells, The Kingston Springs & The Districts at North Star Bar 

- by John Clements

The Districts, a group of young trailblazers from Lititz, PA., is a band whose popularity is increasingly rising in Philly (thanks in part to the high schoolers being embraced by our local folk/blues community). The group kicked things off for the evening at the North Star Bar with their jazzy blues-infused power rock. The four-piece came out on stage and demanded the eyes and ears of everyone in attendance within just a few strums of their guitars, and immediately every notion of a novice band had been completely thrown out the door. Their age and talent was definitely not an issue. With a variety of song styles ranging from the likes of “Lyla” and “Funeral Beds” with their contemplative folk arrangements that melt your soul like a hot knife through butter to the more up-tempo “Four & Four” and “Long Distance,” which rejuvenated your weathered mind by enticing you to grab a loved one and ecstatically spin with them into tomorrow. The Districts offer a glimpse into the creative minds of the young talent flocking to our not-so-secret-anymore music scene.

The Kingston Springs are a bunch of good ole boys from the middle o nowhere Tennessee, who currently reside in Nashville, and they brought the absolute best arsenal of their backyard classically inspired surf rock, with a twist of southern style and flare. You could hear such jovial and relaxed tones in “1991” and “Sweet Suzie” which made you want to stomp your feet and knock back a few shots of bourbon and PBRs. They’ll be heading on to perform at the Beale Street Music Festival with notables like The Flaming Lips and The Smashing Pumpkins.

Now, brash teenagers, The Orwells, like it loud. They like it really, really loud to say the least. The flower punk band from Elmhurst, IL acknowledged everything that came before them, and set it all on fire with songs like “Mallrats” and “In My Bed” and the timeless charge of “fuck you!” However, you could still find traces of Bowie, David Yow and Iggy Pop in the ashes after the smoke cleared, providing plenty of hope for what they’ll be sharing with us in the future. You can also check out our photos from the evening below.

The Orwells


The Kingston Springs


The Districts










The Districts Opening for The Orwells at North Star Bar March 2

The Districts are here to pour some soul back into your winter blues. A familiar folk twang cuts through their rising and falling rhythms, weaving itself through multi-layered instrumentals. It’s not polished; it’s personable. Singer/guitarist Rob Grote belts like he’s walked the world and faced its evils (which is pretty impressive considering he and his bandmates haven’t even graduated from high school yet). They’ll be opening the all-ages show for Illinois-based up-and-comers The Orwells. Despite all their members still hovering in their teenage years as well, The Orwells will take you to school and teach you the ways of down and dirty garage rock ‘n’ soul.  Both bands maintain their youthful honesty and despite a jaded disposition, there’s a lot of heart underneath. Dystopian futures are works of fiction with acts like these on rock’s horizon. North Star Bar, 2639 Poplar St., 7pm, $12, All Ages - Shaylin O’Connell


Ticket Giveaway: The Orwells, The Kingston Springs & The Districts at North Star Bar This Saturday

We have a ticket giveaway for an all-ages show this Saturday, March 2 at the North Star Bar with teenage rockers who are talented way beyond their years! Enter to win a pair of tix to see buzzing Illinois-based garage rock five-piece The Orwells, our favorite Lancaster folk-rockin’ high schoolers The Districts, and bluesy Nashville indie rock outfit The Kingston Springs. Just send an email to thedelimagazinephiladelphia@gmail.com with the subject line “Never Too Young to Rock!” Also include your cell phone number (in case of emergency) in the body if you’d like. Good luck!


Top Three Philly Open Submissions 2012: The Districts

Youth exuberance with a battled-tested bluesy grit - that’s exactly what The Districts bring to the table. Each song demonstrates raw emotional energy combining straight from the gut vocals with a steam-rolling rhythm section that lights the fuse for raunchy explosive guitar licks one after another. - Michael Colavita 


The Districts Are Rumbling Through at WCL Oct. 11

Rob Grote expresses passionate conviction through his voice displaying a tone that comes from within. Nothing is held back as he consistently pushes his vocals developing a howling roar as steady-progress narratives dig deep at the soul. The instruments provide an ever-evolving musical setting as Grote explores the surroundings. The Districts can augment there sound in numerous ways, and this versatile approach allows for the incorporation of many influences rooted in heartfelt emotion and uncompromising raw playing. They take the exposed heartache and the sensibility of the blues and infuse it with rage and frustration of punk and grunge. At one moment, the story/song is simple Americana-style country-blues, but a storm is always brewing as guitars sweep through with reckless abandon and the rhythm section rumbles through like a thunderstorm. And to top it off, the band is still only in high school so I guess what I’m saying is watch out for these guys. You can take a listen to our former Featured Artist(s) Poll winner’s latest EP While you were in Honesdale HERE, and check out their HotBox Session below, which first caught our attention. World Café Live, 3025 Walnut St., 8pm, $12, All Ages - Michael Colavita 


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