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Deli issue #36 is out! CMJ, Wilsen, Drowners, Psych NYC

Oy musical people!

The Deli NYC's 36th issue infested the streets of NYC yesterday (Wed 10.09), look for a physical copy in venues/rehearsal studios/music instrument stores, or read it online HERE!

Listen to Wilsen below + see them at The Deli's CMJ shows at Rockwood on 10.16 and Pianos on 10.18 - schedule here.

The Deli's Staff



NYC Record of the Month: Drowners' "Between Us Girls"

"Uptempo" and "Pop" are by themselves two concepts that - in the business of being an indie band - can take you quite far; but if on top of that you add to the equation also comparisons to The Smiths, then the hype can get out of control. Brooklyn's Drowners have more than one similarity with Morrisey's act, and although they will surely feel belittled by such comparison, they should not, because no artists really managed to be The Smiths' worthy musical heir yet (like, for example, XTC were for The Beatles, Robin Hitchcock for Syd Barrett, and The Strokes for Lou Reed - uhm, maybe...).

The band's 3 songs debut EP features the remarkable single "Between Us Girls" (streaming below) which immediately throws us back to the days of "Meat is Murder," with the electric guitar alternating between jangly parts and arpeggios, and Welsh frontman Matt Hitt singing semi-melancholically about some girls' hair length - rather than about how big they are... The edge is slightly punkier, while the songwriting reveals an almost clinical concision (the song clocks in just under 2 minutes, with the first chorus coming in after 26" - A&R allergic to intros will dig that). 

The second song, "You've Got it All Wrong," beats a similar musical path, tackling the infinite well of inspiration that (for Brits) is life at the pub, with the difference of a slower bridge, which acts as a breather for the final chorus. Final track "A Shell Across the Tongue" is the punkier of the bunch, but also the one with the least memorable melody.

This is obviously a band with enormous songwriting potential. If they'll manage to write songs as good as these and integrate their influences in a more mature and personal sound, the world can be theirs. - PDG


Drowners get top notch industry team + play Pianos on May 8th

We blogged a few months ago about emerging NYC band Drowners, a quartet that can count on a fair amount of flair both in the songwriting and looks department - we love pictures that remind us of those black wearing bands from the late 70s - early 80s, you can't go wrong with that!

From a quick glance at their Facebook "about us" page, it seems like a bunch of industry people have already taken notice - and action: Frenchkiss Records is mentioned as one of their labels, together with The Agency Group booking, while Tell All Your Friends' top dog Kip Kouri is their publicist. That's a team that can take this Morrisey influenced quartet places, so keep an ear on them. Check out their recent video for "Long Hair" here - mp3 streaming below. If The Smiths have a special place in your heart, you should check them out live when they headline Pianos on May 8th. 

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


NYC band on the rise: Drowners play Pianos on 02.20

I told you... deep down, tough guys are just big romantics like the rest of us. In fact, the fiercer the leather jacket, the bigger the heart. Friends of band Skaters, Drowners pick up similar riffs from that group's messy rock stature and turn them into a glorious montage to rock n' roll the way we New Yorkers want it. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


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