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elysian fields

Elysian Fields celebrate 20 years with new video + concert series at their new venue The Owl starting Thursday (10/29)

Like the 2014-released music video for its track "Channelling," the clip for New York rock duo Elysian Fields' "Alms for Your Love" (streaming below) is not just a compelling visual accompaniment to the song but a beguiling work of art in itself. Starting with the striking image of a shooting heart, the string-girded video shows EF singer Jennifer Charles following a quiet panther through a valley of sharp-tipped trees and finally seeing herself lying on the floor, chest gushing with what appears to be blood. Elusive yet moving, the Kevin Weir-directed video emerges as an allegorical, almost biblical tale of the search for love and its explosiveness once found. While Elysian Fields hasn't perhaps been as known as other two-pieces such as The Kills or The White Stripes since its inception in 1995, the compellingly enigmatic group is slowly unveiling its netherworld beauty and will hopefully continue to do so in the near future. The band is not only readying the release of a new album but also its own music venue called The Owl (in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens) where they will play several shows to celebrate the band's twentieth anniversary. The first of these performances will happen on Thursday 10.29 at The Owl. A full list can be found at Elysian Fields' website. - Zach Weg


A NYC band that deserves more attention: Elysian Fields work on new album

In our restless quest for the best possible artists to book for our upcoming CMJ shows, we stumbled upon NYC based duo Elysian Fields, who have been around for a while (1995!) and lately have been busy working on a new album - and also on opening a new venue! On their website's "news" page we noticed this 2014 video for single "Channeling" - which we somehow missed at the time - and instantly fell in love with it. Directed by visionary illustrator/cartoonist Steven Mertens, this is a psych pop gem with imaginative, top notch production and a subtle but also moving alternation of tension and release moments. Lead singer Jennifer Charles' incredibly seductive vocals are supported by melodies that are catchy and edgy at once. This is what we call a great song - and it made our week. 


Elysian Fields plays Le Poisson Rouge 9.7

Remember how big and scary everything looked when you were a kid? Well, either Jennifer Charles and Oren Bloedow never grew up, or things really are that big and scary. From 'Red Riding Hood's big bad wolf, to the 'Old, Old Wood, Elysian Fields paint a vivid series of grownup myths with steep shadows and forbidding proportions.

Personal fave 'Villian On The Run' from new record 'Last Night On Earth' takes Jennifer through a twelve-bar blues form that links her casual sexiness to a Lynchian darkness. Admittedly setting a unique mood, this band makes it work by possessing their settings intimately and immediately. You might even find yourself forgetting this really hasn't been done like this before. Definiftely recommended for anyone who enjoys a good fairy tale or bedtime story. See the band September 7th when they play Le Poisson Rouge. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


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