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Best of NYC 2014 - Open Submission Results for INDIE ROCK

It's "indie" time, folks! Here's the list of artists who qualified to the last phase of our Best of NYC Year End Poll for Emerging Artists through the Open Submissions in the Indie Rock category - congrats to all fo them!

Total submissions in this category: 23

Jurors: Natan Leipzig (The Deli Portland), Maylis Personnaz (Deli Writer), Paolo De Gregorio (The Deli NYC).

Artists qualified to the next stage (i.e. the Readers' Poll, starting later this week):

1. Mainland (7.66 out of 10)


2. Dead Stars (7.33)


3. Exocomet (7.16)


3. DREAMERS (7.16)


Honorable Mentions (score above 7):

Riverwild, CUTTERS, Controller, The Planes, Doubting Thomas Cruise Control, Animal Years, Walking Shapes.


More results coming soon, we are getting there!

The Deli's Staff


From the NYC Submissions: Exocomet's sinister Self Titled debut

Exocomet is a two piece out of Brooklyn whose self-titled debut is a wash of psychedelic, post-punk reverberation.  The album has a unique ebb and flow to it, mostly existing in an atmosphere of washed out ambience. But underneath the ocean of reverb there exists traveling and aggressive melodies that carry the album quite effectively, connecting it into a sum of its parts.  Although mostly dealing with textures boredering on ambience, the album finds contrast in some of the more dense tracks such as "Cyclops", where the dissonant guitars create a rhythm parallel to the charging drums; the song structures are complex, yet rarely leave the realm of discernibility.  The lack of details about this band is peculiar yet only adds to the mysteriousness behind the album.   You can stream the album off their bandcamp. - Jake Saunders

This band submitted their music for coverage here. We added this track to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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