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The Fantastic Plastics

The Fantastic Plastics talk about gear on Delicious Audio

It's almost impossible to not be immediately smitten with the Fantastic Plastics. With their bright colors and quirky demeanor, the Brooklyn-based duo re-imagines retro-synth pop for the 21st century. While they're sure to delight nostalgia seekers, the band's catchy, fun tracks have a wide appeal that's sure to draw in even the most discerning Brooklynite. The artists were kind enough to talk a little bit about their expansive synth collection, and just what dimension the Fantastic Plastics come from. - Olivia Sisinni

Read the Q&A with The Fantastic Plastic on Delicious Audio.

The Fantastic Plastics celebrate release of "Devolver" at Pianos on 09.12

Brooklyn's retro electronic duo The Fantastic Plastics aren't nearly nerdy enough to sound like Devo, though we appreciate their obsession with the visual side of that band. They treat Devo the way Warhol treated Campbell's Soup - like a brand. Sure, Devo was once anarchical and dangerous, but now they're not. There's something cheeky about Fantastic Plastics, especially having this cute pixie chick run around in dresses shaped like Devo helmets. Their cool eye for urbanism and design blends a love of kitsch with a hatred for commercialism. You can see them live at Pianos this Saturday 09.12, when they'll be celebrating the release of their new EP entitled "Devolver" - look out for a video installation and a "graphic novel." - Brian Chidester


NYC's The Fantastic Plastics premiere 'We Are Obsolete' + announce LP 'Devolver'

Hailing quite appropriately from the US home of electronic music (Chicago), The Fantastic Plastics is an electronic trio comprised of Tyson, Miranda and Dylan Plastic. They recently moved to NYC to foster their musical 'de-evolution' (as in: picking up the sound genius Ohio post punk band Devo left off after their early records, around 1982). The band isn't afraid to admit that influence: they actually often perform as a Devo cover act, in costumes inspired to that band's dumb futurism, and their upcoming record, scheduled for a September release, will be called 'Devolver.' Their original material preserves the sonics and fun attitude of Devo's early, groundbreaking albums, with references to working like machines and human obsolescence, like in the new single we are premiering here, entitled 'We Are Obsolete.' Check out also the other preview single from the upcoming album, NoNoGoGo.


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