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Fast Years

Deli CMJ Indie Pop/Rock Stage at Spike Hill with Eytan & The Embassy, Mother Feather, Motive, The Last Royals + more


For Wednesday's Deli CMJ showcase at Spike Hill, expect a sweet crescendo from the sprightliest to the raunchiest of our pop/rock picks. Headlining the first half of the evening, featuring five of the city's upcoming Indie Pop artists, we're offering you the eccentricities of Eytan & The Embassy and the passionate ballads of duo The Last Royals, whose debut album is on the way. These two will be joined by Flying Points, a new record on the way, who will be opening show, followed by Fast Years, whose latest music video you should definitely be checking out if you haven't already, and the only solo artist of the lot, Ace Reporter.

Subtle transition into the second part of the night, Motive will be the first headliner of our Alt Rock stage, opening the dance with their delectable indie rock before co-headlining cock-rock outfit Mother Feather comes to take over with its flamboyant tease of an act, heating the crowds up for the last two bands of the evening. Next up will be self-dubbed 'weird rock' troubadours New Beard, and to conclude the night, you'll be entertained by the contemporary intepretations of back-to-basics rock&roll formulas served up by Raccoon Fighter. - In the pictures: Eytan & the Embassy and Mother Feather.

Fast Years release new video + play Deli CMJ show 10.17

Next on a recent string of awkward dance solos: watch granny get her groove on at the park in Fast Years' new music video for 'Stolen Love' (streaming below), revealed a few days ago. Three minutes of hip grinding and contortions later, if you're not up for partying yet, there's probably something wrong with you. Hey, she's probably about seventy, and may look like some sweatpants-wearing lunatic out of a Monty Python sketch show, but she got moves! Enjoy. Stolen Love was taken off Fast Years' debut EP 'Women', which they released in June, the latest output from these five Brooklyn up-and-comers to keep an eye out for - they'll be playing The Deli's CMJ Indie Pop stage, on Wednesday October 17th at Spike Hill, alongside Eytan and The EmbassyThe Last Royals  & more.


More NYC bands caught at Northside (+ STRFCKR): The Living Kills, Fast Years, Papertwin, Spacecamp

The Sunday of Northside was not exactly your typical relaxing weekend day. For one, The Deli’s showcase at Cameo Gallery was in full swing. The peppy and preppy Spacecamp melded a geeky exterior with a rock interior and penchant for (beautifully performed) dance beats and catchy melodies, while Papertwin’s mellower psychedelic synth vibes enveloped the venue. A scurry to the basement of The Charleston brought me to happy- go-lucky pop rock bunch, Fast Years, who smiled more than any band I’ve seen (not counting Matt & Kim). A far walk took me to Warsaw, “where pierogies meet punk. “ However, two non-punk bands were creating dance beats for hoards of hipsters. Upon arrival, Chicago’s YAWN was onstage enabling the crowd’s excitement for headliners Starfucker (STRFCKR) with trippy synth-pop tendencies that were less sleepy than their name implies. Portland’s electro-dance pop quartet, STRFCKR transformed the venue into a nightclub, not only with their thumping rhythms but strobes and array of lights that burst out over the audience. My last leg of the night ended back at Trash Bar. Closing the evening and my festival weekend, 60s-inspired psychedelic rock quartet, The Living Kills (pictured and streaming below), hypnotized with organ drones and waves of heavy bass. Overall a fun-filled weekend of music, Northside showcased the thriving variety of emerging artists. --Meijin Bruttomesso

Fast Years - Too Fast to Live, Too Awesome to Ignore

Let the good times roll. Like a name that could have come straight from a James Dean quote, Fast Years plays fast, fun music that gets right to the point and stays at that mileage until the end.

Playing through their riffs like a rock mission statement, the Brooklyn quartet shred away on their latest EP 'Young Heart,' making it their mission to re-ignite Ramone's-style party anthems, using their EP as the spark.

See them when they play Union Hall on April 27th.

This band submitted their music digitally here.

Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


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