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Flower Girl

Flower Girl release "Tuck In Yer Tie-Dye", play Sunnyvale tonight (01.06)

Flower Girl, whose previous release was our NYC Record of the Month back in November, have already a new record full of catchy, unpretentious indie pop tunes, cleverly titled Tuck In Your Tie-Dyewhich conjures up fond memories of Syd Barrett, Beck and early Camper Van Beethoven. The Brooklyn-based group, led by Dave and Henry Van Dusen, have put twelve tracks of head-bopping songs down to kick off 2017, each one of them balancing equal parts of alt-country, psych pop, and indie rock. Recorded in the Catskills, this is another album that makes us reach for the repeat button, while kicking back in a (mental) cabin with our best friends, all of whom are jamming to "I Saw A Mouse", swaying to "Breathmint," and going "Yeehaw!" on cue during the chorus of "2 Late 2 Be A Cowboy" (track #6 below) 

You can celebrate the release of Tuck In Your Tie-Dye with Flower Girl at Sunnyvale tonight (January 6th), along with openers The New Ones, Plains, and Datenight from Nashville. - Will Sisskind

Flower Girl unveils "Wafing Online" from upcoming LP

Brooklyn lo-fiers Flower Girl, whose debut album 'Okie Dokie Howdy Doody' was named NYC Record of the Month late last year in this very blog, just unveiled single 'Wading Online' (streaming below) from their upcoming LP 'Tuck In Your Tie-Dye' scheduled to drop on November 11 on BUFU Records. With this new song the band take us for a ride back to the three chord songs or early Velvet Underground, adapted to the "nu slacking" tendencies adopted by many young Brooklyn musicians. Keep an eye out for a release party date, as of now not announced.


NYC Record of the Month: Flower Girl - "Okie Dokie Howdy Doody"

Talent is talent, but when presented in a sloppy shape, it becomes contagiously charming, and an adorable band name can only boost that perception. This is the lesson we have learned today via Brooklyn's quintet Flower Girl, who play some kind of lo-fi twangy pop and have been around for longer than we expected (their debut album was out in 2013). Their latest, sophomore LP, entitled Okie Dokie Howdy Doody came out in the summer of 2015 and it's a very solid, uber-amiable work, full of delicate melodies and qurky moments, that re-elaborates the disorderly genius of Syd Barret and the (early) Beta Band, marrying it with the not-so-traditional approach to... traditional American music of Neil Young and late Camper Van Beethoven. Based on an odd time signature, opening single "Scary Drive" (streaming) is a scruffy, limpy alt-country number a la' Beck that will make you crack a smile - which is always priceless. Following track "A Platypus" starts as a plodding blues but gradually accelerates in ways only The Feelies could conceive, slowly morphing into a delirious slacker rock tune. Third song Eat Worms flirts again with blues but develops in a gentle, idyllic melody reminiscent of the Flaming Lips at their most tear-inducing - although the lyrics "come to terms/eat that worm that's feeding you" might conflict with a weeping mood. The remarkable variety of the twelve tracks, with textural ballads like "Romantic Mood" juxtaposed to punkish numbers like "Stop Starin'," doesn't mine the band's identity, rooted in an "anything goes" attitude that's refreshingly unpretentious. 

Flower girl will be performing live at Palisades on December 2nd and at Alphaville on December 11th.


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