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Food Will Win the War

FWWtW and The Bones of J.R. Jones at Park Church Coop Saturday Night!

Concerts in old churches can be hit or miss. Many a punk band has left such sacred chambers flummoxed at the muddy cacophony summoned by their set. It's the harmonic resonance of the lofted ceilings and stone arches that once warmed the vocal stylings of Gregorian monks. This Saturday in Greenpoint you can witness for yourself what happens when the somber folk rock of Food Will Win The War and the twang-grass folk of The Bones of J.R. Jones swell sound into those stony heavens. Concetta Abbate of Park Quartet will warm up the room. It will be an intimate night of amazing sounding music in an amazing sounding venue. Get your tickets here.


Food Will Win the War plays Mercury on 04.21

Food Will Win the War’s music sounds like it was taken from frontman Rob Ward’s journal. The band's album, "A False Sense of Warmth," showcases the band’s trademark Americana sound, a modern folk-laced (semi-colonial at times) bazaar celebrated in large, open fields, where thousands imaginary people sit at long wooden tables, eating corn, bread, and venison. Beer flows into enormous copper jars and glasses. You can see Food Will Win the War live on Saturday, April 21st at Mercury Lounge. by Matthew Donahue - - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here). The Deli's NYC Open Blog is powered by The Music Building.


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