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Forth Wanderers

Record of the Month: Forth Wanderers - Self-titled

Forth Wanderers' new self-titled album, their Sub Pop debut, is symphonic and rollicking. The band's songwriting duo - Ben Guterl on guitar and Ava Trilling penning lyrics - are perpetually in sync, despite often writing at a physical distance. The five-piece band's members are rarely in the same place at once (they're all college students in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Ohio, respectively). Despite this, their chemistry and synchronization as a band is abundantly evident on this release. "Forth Wanderers" is a triumph, bursting with angst and dissonance while maintaining an innate pop appeal. This album has something for just about everyone who has an ear for good songs - it's bright and jangly at times, distorted and gnashing at others, and it always has something to say. Stream "Not For Me" below! - Ethan Ames

Forth Wanderers celebrate Sub Pop debut at Market Hotel 05.05

Forth Wanderers has long been a band with well-earned cred in DIY circles. The Montclair, New Jersey group’s to the point songwriting and classic indie rock arrangements aren’t a hard sell, but the band’s debut LP with Sub Pop Records finetunes the sound with great success. The self-titled release poises the group for bigger things. It’s self-aware, never indulgent, and full of earnest energy. On May 5, a week after the album’s release, Forth Wanderers will headline Market Hotel with a stellar lineup featuring Ó (fka Eskimeaux) and Trace Mountains. – Cameron Carr

NJ's Forth Wanderers celebrate release of 'Slop' EP at Shea Stadium on 11.11

There’s a loose, easy going vibe in the ramshackle rock of Montclair, New Jersey quintet Forth Wanderers two track, EP “Slop.” A twangy two guitar groove on the opening title track sets an unhurried pace evoking Neil Young’s finer electric-country moments. Vocalist Ava Trilling shifts the focus with the lines “I know I’m slow – I’ve been told – things change, I’m still young” and “I’ll breathe through your lungs.” As the track evolves into a straight ahead chugger, Trillings oddly poetic lyrics and vocal delivery fluctuate between resignation and hope. “Know Better” moves at a quicker pace, enhanced by clicking stick percussion and Americana Folk vocal stylings. “I hope one day you’ll see, just what you done to me” leaves little doubt someone has been wronged. “I can't be this naïve anymore” becomes the self-help mantra over double-time snare drum hits and coiling guitar figures. “I need to grow up, I need to be tough” is the ultimate realization as driving bass guitar accelerates to the end. The band play their EP release show Friday November 11 @ Shea Stadium. - Dave Cromwell

NJ Artists on the rise: Forth Wanderers

It sounds like New Jersey is going through a process of Brooklynization - at least as far as music is concerend. So many good indie bands coming out of it these days! After Stolen Jars, who landed on the cover of our most recent issue of The Deli, Forth Wanderers (incidentally also out of Montclaire) are now stealing our hearts with their intricately melancholic indie pop. The band has a trick up their sleeve in lead singer's Ava Trilling's adorably earnest delivery. Her touching lyrics, mostly revolving around the challenges of growing up, may bring you to tears; in streaming track "Selfish" (the opening track from their debut 2014 record "Tough Love") she sings:

"I wanna be known/as the girl who's stone cold 
wears her heart on her sleeve/for everyone to need 
oh she'll make you proud ..." 

"...I get scared instead, when you say/you've been in my head", let that stay 
i wish i could hurry home/i better hurry home."

Forth Wanderers will play a home show at Montclaire's Old Mogul Theatre on 01.03.

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