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George Clanton

George Clanton unveils new single, plays at Elsewhere on 08.18

The pastiche of vaporwave and the dozens of spinoff genres that followed illustrates just how quickly the internet will devour musical identities in their entirety. Slowed down samples and retro aesthetics were recycled ad nauseam. However, there exists artists who have disrupted the status quo enough over the past decade that the movement has produced some breathtaking artists. George Clanton aims to be one of those artists. The scope and vision of his newest single “Dumb” reveals just how the formula of vaporwave can be tweaked. Waves of robotic guitar effects churn in the very opening before the vocals emerge, full of a somewhat restrained passion. The outcome is strikingly familiar; it’s reminiscent of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine in how the wall of noise is bluntly beautiful, but the interpretation is entirely its own, full of digitized static and instantaneous crescendos that were ubiquitous in vaporwave’s early days. Utilizing a genre’s ideas in surprising ways is not always easy or successful, yet Clanton’s growth as an artist can be pinned on his aspiration to reshape how listeners hear a sound they may already be familiar with. “Dumb” is the apparent first single off a new album, according to his SoundCloud, and if the rest of his new material is this ambitious, it will be a must listen for 2018. You can stream the single below and catch Clanton perform live at Elsewhere on August 18. - Tucker Pennington


George Clanton plays Brooklyn Bazaar with Negative Gemini on 11.18 to celebrate new LP

Vaporwave artist George Clanton is performing at Brooklyn Bazaar on November 18 to celebrate the release of his latest LP, "200% Electronica," under his ESPRIT moniker. The album will be released on November 17 and comes packaged as a double LP with a re-release of Clanton's "100% Electronica."

Released in 2016, "100% Electronica" was a stark and forceful album that defined the vaporwave genre at its highest form of expression. Cuts like "Bleed," "Make You Cry," and "Warmspot" were synth-laden, emotionally haunting epics. Clanton will be joined at Brooklyn Bazaar by Negative Gemini. -juan leon



George Clanton releases '100% Electronica' LP + plays Alphaville on 4.22

Listening to 100% Electronica, George Clanton’s (aka Mirror Kisses) new release, is like walking in a hazy limbo somewhere between sleep and awake. Not quite a dream not quite reality. Lingering between the spacey drones and shimmering synths, Clanton’s 80’s styled crooning explores love, heartbreak, deception and frustration. You may call it chillwave or vaporwave, but the '80s new wave's imprint is still all over it, although it doesn’t stop there: Clanton keeps us teetering, never letting us settle into just one spot. He keeps us constantly moving. Immersing himself wholly into his performances, often abandoning his DJ set and rolling around on the floor, his live performances are always entertaining. You can catch him at Alphaville on April 22. - Adriana S Ballester


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