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The Great American Novel

Weekly Feature: The Great American Novel

"A band of staggering depth" - this is the kind of self-defined superlative that The Great American Novel freely applies to themselves. Indeed, I'll admit I am quite jealous of their tremendous confidence. You can't really blame them though. A band whose biggest problem is girls like "Holly" who can't be convinced that their relationship should be more than just a friendship, is certainly bound for bigger things. Their new record Kissing covers these issues over the kind of jukebox rock 'n' roll you might imagine your parents listening to when they first met. - Check out the band's recent single "This Song Will Make You Love Me" streaming below, and Read Tracy Mamoun's Q&A with the band here.


Deli Best of NYC 2012 - Open Submission Results for INDIE POP

We call "Indie Pop" Pop music for the sophisticated minds. This genre achieves it's "pop" status through melodic quality and uptempo bpm, while maintaining an "indie" edge through mild sonic experimentation and careful avoidance of cliches. The bands who submitted in this genre deviate from the mainstream with their unique sound and talent.  

Total submissions in this category: 45

Artists Qualified to the Poll's Next Stage (starting soon):

1. Dalton - 8 (Out of 10)
1. Cultfever - 8
3. The Henry Millers - 7.83

Honerable Mentions (Score Above 7.16)

The Great American NovelBattle flags, BroomsRAILBIRDMiracles Of Modern ScienceThe Universal ThumpSt. LenoxHollandsRebecca BrandtDeb Oh &, the CavaliersSinem SaniyeEmanuel & The FearLudwig Persik

Jurors: Lucy Sherman (Deli Contributer), Hillary Anderson (Deli New England), QD Tran (Deli Philly)

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