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Guerilla Toss

Deli cover band Guerilla Toss headlines Baby's All Right on 11.16 + releases new video

We are very excited to inform you that avant-electro-psych band Guerilla Toss, who graced the latest cover of our NYC print issue, will be performing their first live show since that issue hit the streets of NYC in mid October. The band's latest album, entitled GT Ultra and released through DFA Records, is an exuberant, multifaceted explosion of sound inspired by mysterious government sponsored experiments and The Greatful Dead (althoughg it sounds nothing like them). The band recently unveiled this new video for single "Betty Dreams of Green Men." The live show will be at Baby's All Right on November 16, be there!

#52 of The Deli NYC is online: Guerilla Toss + BK Synth Expo! + Electronic Music Issue

New music seekers,

We have a brand new issue of The Deli NYC available online for you - and it's a gooooood one, can read it here

We are super thrilled to have new DFA Records signee Guerilla Toss on the cover (check out their wonderful single "Skull Pop") streaming below.

This is also our yearly electronic issue, linked to the upcoming Brooklyn Synth Expo, and therefore features:

- An article about the state of the electronic scene in NYC,
- Several Q&As with other electronic NYC artists,
- An ample section dedicated to the gear participating in the Synth Expo.

The paper version will be distributed in NYC around October 20th. 


The Folks at The Deli

Record of the Month: Guerilla Toss's "GT Ultra"

Guerilla Toss' new full length GT Ultra was partly inspired by the CIA’s “Project MKUltra” which experimented with drugs to weaken and torture those under interrogation, and appropriately enough, the album art is covered with acid blotter papers. The release, the band's second under DFA, showcases a more mature production that doesn't get in the way of the group's signature unpredictability. An acid trip in itself, GT Ultra takes the conventions of dance, punk, electronic, and rock music and rips them apart. “Can I Get the Real Stuff,” their second track, introduces the band’s repeated practice of entering the realm of a recognizable sound/genre, and tearing those walls down with something unexpected. It sounds like if LCD Soundsystem and Sonic Youth combined forces, or if Blondie went haywire. Their fourth track “TV Do Tell” follows this same idea, bringing in instances of '80s pop, until an uncontrollable frenzy takes over, as if someone was messing with the pitch lever on the entire track, while changing the tempo signature without warning. “Skull Pop” brings forth cryptic lyrics, like a recap of a hallucination, aligned with music hinting that something went wrong along the way. GT Ultra follows no patterns, no norms, yet comes together throughout the turmoil as one of the most exciting releases of 2017. Be sure to see Guerilla Toss live when they play in NYC again (or wherever you live).  - Pearse Devlin


Guerilla Toss unveils two new tracks + talks about gear on Delicious Audio

Brooklyn via Boston avant-punks Guerilla Toss just unveiled two new tracks from their upcoming release on DFA Records, "GT ULTRA" - check them out below. The band is ready to enter the next stage of their career with a full length that steps up the production values by several notches, broadening the act's appeal without affecting the "edge factor" that allowed them to build a cult following since they started releasing wildly experimental, dissonant and noisy records back in 2012. Our sister blog Delicious Audio is running a Q&A with Guerilla Toss' about their gear and creative process, check it out!

Guerrilla Toss unveils new video, releases 'GT ULTRA' LP on 06.24 at Sunnyvale

The truly insane bands that last more than a few months are often the ones that deliver creatively satisfying records later in their career, when the mayhem of their youthful and disruptive energy gets moderated by a more grown-up search for... a meaning? Brand new single 'The String Game by Guerrilla Toss (streaming below) seems to suggest precisely this development. The song channels the band's creativity and innate restlessness in more cerebral ways than they got us used to, which could also be seen as a consequence of their move to brainy NYC (where the band relocated last year from New England). The production here is truly spectacular, with fragments of guitar and synths building an arrangement that's at once fun and totally unique. The band just released their new LP 'GT ULTRA' - don't miss the record release party on June 24th at Sunnyvale.


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