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Hiccup takes their bubble grunge to Baby's All Right on 12.28

Hiccup is a three-piece bubble grunge outfit that - if they weren't based in space-deprived NYC - would surely sleep in blanket forts in a garage (and eat ice cream for breakfast). Their music would fit perfectly on a mix tape with Charlie Bliss and early Best Coast, and takes us back to that blissful window of our lives when eighth grade summer break was about to end and we procrastinated mowing the lawn by roller blading down that hill one more time. Guitarist Alex Knudson's Morrissey-esque vocals trade off and harmonize with bassist Hallie Bulleit's soprano, producing a pleasantly complementary vocal palette. Single "Dad Jokes" (video streaming below) reveals a band that knows how to write songs that go beyond your typical pop-punk power chord fueled tunes, which is a treat for the musically discerning ear. Catch them live at Baby's Allright on Dec. 28th. - Meghan Rose


Hiccup gets (sonic)scooped + goes to SXSW

Computers sometimes make us do things we don't mean to do - and that's not always bad. I meant to assign a blurb about band Hiccup to our contributor Dave Cromwell, but my email was hijacked by an auto-complete function... the message reached instead Sonicscoop.com's founder/editor David Weiss (who never writes for us about bands). Unexpectedly, he went ahead and replied with this:

"Ready for some rockin’ rockin’ ROCK? Hold on to your rearview mirrors and prepare for a fast ride of poppy punk!!!!! 'Imaginary Enemies' by NYC trio Hiccup is FOR REAL, all drums guitar grit and gorgeous that descends on your ears like a beehive buzzzzzzzzzzzin’ with it.

Alex! Hallie! Piyal! Catch them on March 10th at SXSW, March 14th at Sidewinder in Austin, or back in our little cow town of NYC March 26th at Rough Trade. The latter especially apropos, because if you like it ROUGH – and lovely – then Hiccup is what’s up. And don’t keep that on the down low." - David Weiss (Sonicscoop.com)

P.S. Thanks David!


Brooklyn garage poppers Hiccup play Aviv on 7.17

Brooklyn-based band Hiccup signed to Father/Daughter Records in the fall of 2015, and is comprised of Hallie Bulleit (The Unlovables & The Chris Gethard Show House Band), Alex Clute (The Chris Gethard Show House Band), and Piyal Basu (New Oldies). The three-piece blends together male/female vocal harmonies with a mature pop punk and garage rock sound. Their track “Fuckup” features a laid back vocal delivery from Clute and self-deprecating lyrics that examine the comfort found in solitude. “Whatev, It’s Cool” (streaming below) is less focuses instead on putting a negative relationship in the past while singing the lines, “cuz he loves me more than you ever could.” The track features the band's signature buzzing garage rock fuzz, combined with charming two way harmonies. The band will be playing Aviv on July 17th in support of Winter Break. - John Honan


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